Draconian Laws For Bloggers And NGOs In Putin’s Russia

There is a slight difference between authoritarian democracy and constitutional dictatorship. The world is dwindling to seek refuge in a system that cares for humans and humanity. Humanitarian aspects of lives are better addressed in an ideal democratic setup. But what to do when leaders elected with popular votes turn into constitutional dictators?

What Is an Ideal Democratic Setup?

Leaders of an Authoritative mindset take each and every step to strengthen their hold on the country and resources. How can majoritarian governments allow minorities to flourish in shared territories? Too much democracy has its own dark sides. Be it the draconian laws for Bloggers and NGOs in Putin’s Regime as examples.

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Putin’s Harsh Laws For Bloggers

The Putin government passed a law in Russian doma in 2014 against bloggers and online media. According to the laws for bloggers which bloggers have to register themselves with the government. If they possess 3000 readers daily on their sites. There remained no anonymity for online users in Russia.

Control and censorship is the rule of land wherever authoritative setup is functioning. According to the aforementioned law, the government can demand all user data at any time.   

Interestingly Russia witnessed another draconian law in 2019. Namely Sovereign Internet Law. This masterstroke was under the popular slogan of ‘security of Russian integrity and stability. Nothing is private or right to privacy in Putin’s Russia. 

Laws For NGOs In Putin’s Russia

Non Governmental Organizations have their own positive and negative roles in a country’s development. Dictators cannot allow any NGO to be so powerful to take head on the state. Putin did the same with major NGOs of the country.

Law passed against NGOs in 2005. After which the government started meddling with NGO operational matters. Charges of recruiting spies in NGOs suddenly arose. NGO’s positive role for human rights kept under suspicion of provoking the state. Putin can ban any foreign NGO according to that law. 

All we can say is that too much democracy sometimes can be a tool for dictators to rise. Hitler was also elected initially. And gradually he grabbed all powers in his hands. And snatched any power remaining to any other institution in the country. Putin can hold power till 2036 legally. Are these not the steps towards removing democracy in the veil of constitutional dictatorship?

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