Earthquake Jolts South-Western Part of China

An earthquake of 6.0 magnitude, with the epicentre located about 52 kilometres (32.3 miles) southwest of Yongchuan district in Chongqing, hit the southwestern province of Sichuan. The earthquake in China left at least three people dead and 60 injured.

Earthquake in China destroyed many households

According to the state-run tabloid, at least 1,221 houses collapsed and more than 3,000 have been severely damaged. Luzhou City, housing almost five million citizens, was among the hard-hit areas.

Thousands of soldiers and emergency workers on rescue missions. Along with rescue equipment, medical supplies, makeshift surgical vehicles and heavy machinery.

Sichuan – Located at the sesmic belt

Sichuan is located along with one of several seismic belts in China, which makes it prone to earthquakes. Its northwestern edge is in continuous collision with the Tibetan Plateau. Its movement in the southeast direction, putting the entire region to frequently hit zones by earthquakes. One local employee in Luzhou told the Global Times that; though inhabitants are used to earthquakes, they are usually of a lower magnitude.

On 18th June 2019, Sichuan was hit by a massive earthquake. Killing at least 12 people and more than 100 injured. Rescue operations relocated more than 4,000 people because their homes were destroyed and several major roads were also damaged. Hence, hampering the rescue efforts

In 2018, a powerful 7.9-magnitude quake in Sichuan province left 87,000 people dead or missing. Among them registers thousands of children, killed due to poorly constructed school buildings, that collapsed during the quake.

More to come

According to the weather forecast, heavy downpours are expected in the region, with a rain alert issued by the Luzhou municipal observatory. Rainfall might reach more than 3.9 inches along with thunderstorms, strong winds and hail.

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Leakage in storage facility due to the earthquake in china

A liquor storage facility of China’s most popular drink is damaged by the earthquake smashing more than 170 porcelain pots at the wine facility. At least, 55 firefighters are busy averting a potential fire risk after more than 200 tonnes of highly concentrated alcohol is leaked and a strong smell permeated the air.

China has invested heavily in disaster preparation. Since the region is extremely prone to earthquakes. China revamped the buildings in quake-prone areas and implemented regular earthquake training for emergency workers and school children.

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