Egypt releases activists amid US concerns over detentions

After spending months in pre-trial detention, Egyptian authorities are now finally releasing two activists and a journalist on Sunday. 

According to officials and lawyers, President Joe Biden’s administration, amid solicitude over the arrest and harassment of government critics.

According to two judicial officials, three late Saturday pending ongoing investigations into charges against them. 

They were not having the authorization to state the media, so they spoke on condition of anonymity.

Shimaa, the sister of pro-democracy activist and writer, EEsraa Abdel-Fattah walked free early Sunday.

In October 2019, in a city west of Cairo, Abdel-Fattah got into custody. In the small and rare anti-government protests.

Thousands of people were in custody at that time, but later on, many were out now. 

According to her lawyers, she was in accusation of joining the banned group, spreading false news among people, etc.

And according to rights lawyer Nasser Amin, Gamal El-Gamal is out now. 

El-Gamal is commonly recognized for his columns critical of the government under President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi

Amin posted a photo of himself with El-Gamal on Facebook after his release.

In February, the security arrested El-Gamal upon his arrival at Cairo International Airport from Turkey. He spent four years living there.

The el-Gamal accusation was spreading false news that he joined a terrorist organization and inciting public opinion against state institutions.

However, in the September 2019 crackdown, Ismail got into custody. 

He’s in charge of spreading false news and of joining a terrorist organization.

Many journalists are on target, many of them are imprisoned, and some of them are expelled.

Along with Turkey and China, now Egypt remains among the world’s top jailers of journalists.

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