Egypt’s health Minister clears rumors about the vaccine’s suspension

Since the past week, a rumor has been spread among the people of Egypt about the suspension of the vaccination program. According to which people were told that the government had stopped the vaccination program, nobody would be given the vaccine. Thankfully on Saturday, Egypt’s Health Minister,  Hala Zayed denied all such rumors about the vaccination program and clearly stated that the initiative is still active.

Egypt has approved the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for the vaccination. And everyone is must take it, according to the Egyptian guidelines. Hala Zayed affirmatively said that people are getting their first as well as second dosages of the vaccine accordingly.

In early May, AstraZeneca announced a shortage of engineers to share the vaccine formula with other production industries. This was a setback for Egypt as the second wave was on peak. However, after one-month time, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population, Khaled Megahed, said that Egypt would receive 1.9 million Astra Zeneca doses through Covax. This was accomplished soon after a bit of delay in the shipment.


According to the stats, it is known that Egypt has received almost 2 million doses of vaccine till now. And about 6,20,000 dosages are already distributed in the first week only by the vaccination centers. Recently Egypt will be getting the Pfizer vaccine shortly and would be open accordingly. The plan is to make multiple options by importing different certified and successful vaccines to ensure zero shortage. Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is also in the shipment queue of Egypt.

According to Egypt’s Health Minister, Hala Zayed, the infection is almost under control for the country, according to researchers. And Egypt is at the lowest level of infection right now. The recovering cases are gaining a majority over the new cases. The master plan is to complete the vaccination of 40 million people of Egypt with both doses by the end of 2021.

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