Energy and the new future of Africa

Currently, the entire world is planning its best to cut off the usage of CO2 under the COP26 climate summit and use green energy to fight against climate change. In Africa, the people are going through some different sorts of challenges. 

For African people, the most challenging task is to get access to any type of energy supply available. Around 600 million people in Africa lack behind with no reserves of energy, which is why they are unable to start any of their businesses. 

However, talking about the big cities like South Africa and Nigeria, most businesses have also faced power blackouts. And it’s becoming such a headache that the government and innovators are trying their best to fix this. 

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Electricity supplies 

According to the country’s ministry, 80% of the population can utilize the benefits of electricity from the primary national grid. However, the most challenging thing which they are facing is to provide it to the remote communities. That’s why the country is serving microgrids which is the independent source of energy systems for some remote areas. It provides them with low cost and cleans energy with the help of solar and wind power. 

And thanks to the microgrid project that helped Eric Pupulampu, a shopkeeper at Volta River in Ghana, to store cold drinks and sell them. He is delighted, because of this initiative, his business is started growing up.

Energy Challenges with Urban Cities

Talking about the energy crisis, so it doesn’t lie behind in rural areas only. Many Urban cities are also going through the problem of energy. 

Lagos in Nigeria, also known as the busiest Africa’s city, has 15 million people. And with such a massive number of people and workload, the energy supply is not stable at all. This means that people getting electricity from the national grid also use alternative energy sources like diesel and petroleum generators. 

And surprisingly, the offices and homes in Nigeria pay around $22bn (¬£16bn) per year for the generator’s power. So concerning this issue, many companies are trying to solve the equations to settle down this with stable power. As gas is more favourable for the environment rather than oil. Therefore the gas power plant assigns 80% of Nigeria’s electricity. 

Listening to the experts, natural gas plants are far better than solar power plants. They are more reliable than solar and produce approximately four times more power than solar. 

Gas emits deficient carbon than oil. And Nigeria has abundant gas reserves in Africa and is the ninth-largest in terms of the world. So it’s better to utilize these resources. 

Investing in Energies

 Olusola Lawson has been investing around half a billion dollars in developing power and infrastructure projects over the decade. He invested in the gas as well as in solar sectors and have a clear vision about the future of Africa’s energy. And according to him, the upcoming era will be the era of renewable energy in Africa. He also says that the price of solar has declined by 80% and the cost of batteries by 85% over the decade. So talking about the abundance of the resource, it’s not the oil or gas. It is the sunlight. 

And this revolution will not just only invite clean energy but also new jobs and opportunities too. 

In future, there will be more than 65 million new jobs available due to the low-carbon industries. Companies will offer training related to solar power. 

Investing more in cleaner sources of energy. Africa will be able to cope up with the most prominent upcoming challenges. Including reduction of carbon emission and unemployment. 

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