Ethiopia denies it’s trying to “suffocate” Tigray region

By denying the urgently needed food and other aid to the Tigray people, Ethiopia’s government rejected accusations that it’s trying to suffocate the civilians. 

Regions that are facing famine crisis transport and communications links have remained severed.

According to United Nations, the neighboring Ambara region’s special forces were to blame. 

Ambara authorities forced out thousands of ethnic Tigrayans by claiming their occupancy in western Tigray. 

Deme also mentioned that it is a complete rumor that they are trying to suffocate the Tiygrarian people by denying humanitarian needs and using hunger as a weapon of war.

There has been an growing international pressure on Ehiopia as they are cutting the region from rest of the world.

And while retreating from the forces of this region earlier this week, Ethiopia declared a unilateral cease-fire on humanitarian grounds.

And a second key bridge leading into the region was destroyed on Thursday. While Ethiopia has denied access to WFP flights bringing in U.N. or other aid workers since June 22.

After fighting stopped operations on June 24, now finally the food delivery for Tigray has resumed. But still, this region is going through some serious challenges. 

And according to the survey by the United States, more than 9,00,000 people in Tigray are facing starvation conditions in the world’s worst hunger crisis in a decade.

Before the retreat of the Ethiopian forces and neighboring Eritrea, the security situation in this region was generally calm.

After a 1998-2000 war, Eritrea, an enemy of Tigray leaders along their border, has not responded to comment requests.

And when Tigray forces were trying to retake the region’s western areas, the Amhara authorities warned them.

But according to the Tigray forces spokesman statement to The Associated Press this week, it is that they would “liberate” the region from “enemies”.

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