Ethiopia Tigray conflict: Millions are starving

The United Nations says the Tigray region of Ethiopia has experienced its worst humanitarian crisis in recent years. An open meeting on Friday discussed the ongoing crisis in the Tigray region. United Nations also says that millions are becoming the victim of famine.

At a recent UN meeting, members of the Security Council said that about 33,000 children in the Tigray region are suffering from malnutrition. They also showing concern about 5.2 million people who are in humanitarian crisis. Among them, women and children are the worst sufferers.

In the first half of last year, the region of Tigray in northern Ethiopia became armed against the central government. Immediately, thousands of people lost their lives in the war.

A UN human rights activist says the conflict in Ethiopia and Tigray has changed dramatically in recent weeks. Despite a unilateral ceasefire announced by the central government, there have been several recent attacks. The conflict is conducted between the central forces and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Generally, in Ethiopia’s political structure, the regional government is given the right to form a paramilitary force. Where the TPLF is formed as a military force, it gradually transforms into a political party.

As conflicts between the central and local governments quickly spread to the Horn of Africa, United Nations is given concern. It calls for the conflicting superpowers not to intervene. But recent news has caused concern for the United Nations.

The United Nations says the conflict in Ethiopia and Tigray is the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world and has displaced millions of people. Though humanitarian aid was sent to the famine-stricken people, Central Government prevents that. Although Ethiopia has completely rejected the claim.

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