Ethiopia Warns News Outlets Not to ‘Mischaracterize’ Tigray

Foreign news outlets publishing specific references that mischaracterize the country’s war-torn northern Tigray region are in issue. They are getting warnings from Ethiopia’s media regulator, which states that they can come under legal consequences if they continue.

According to an official statement, some foreign media needs to be in legal practices after reviewing and monitoring the news reports. 

Earlier, two foreign media outlets are already going through with the warnings. 

Agency chief Yonatan Tesfaye Regassa signed the statement of VOA one day after revoking the license of the Addis Standard’s publisher. This publication is in accusation of advancing a “terrorist group” agenda without providing more specifics.

The “terrorist group” was misunderstood as a TPLF. And according to Reuters for which Addis Ababa is battling in Ethiopia’s north since November. TPLF is a former member of the coalition, and he ruled for more than 30 years in Ethiopia. 

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‘A grave violation of Ethiopian law.’

TPLF coverage restrictions are going to escalate after Friday’s warning at foreign outlets. 

It was the prediction that Ethiopia would shake off its reputation after Prime Minister Ahmed held power in 2018. But the tables turned around, and the current situation is not favorable for the journalists. The present conditions are worse for journalism in Ethiopia. According to press freedom advocates, due to new political challenges, journalists are in a problem. 

Two weeks after police in the capital arrested about 20 journalists, Friday’s new coverage guidelines for the Tigray conflict came out.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on Sunday is dealing with this whole scenario. And federal police had release three journalists since then. 

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