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Ethiopia’s PM Vowed To Lead In The Country’s Battlefront

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has gone to the battlefront against Tigray rebels. He announced on Monday that he made plans to personally lead the fight against Tigraryan forces and their allies.

In Abiy’s absence, the charge of government business would be taken by Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen Hassen. 

Following the Tigraryan forces and allies threatened Ethiopia to march on it’s capital Addis Ababa. They have been making war efforts for a month. 

Ethiopia’s PM To Make War Effort 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018 and since then, the country is facing challenges from Tigraryan forces. On Nov 2 Abiy Ahmed declared a state of emergency and appealed to citizens to take up arms and join the force. 

He said in a letter: “Let’s meet at the war front,” he wrote “The time has come to lead the country with sacrifice.”

Ethiopia’s Forces And Organization of TPLF

Ethiopia’s PM made hundreds of new army recruits to control the growing tensions in the region. On the other hand, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) threatened to march towards the capital. 

However, Tigraryan forces are continuously pressing towards Addis Ababa. They claim control of two of the towns just northeast of the capital about 220km. 

On Tuesday, November 23, US Special Envoy Jeffrey Feltman said that the Ethiopian military was able to hold back Tigraryan forces if they cut the corridor of transport. Continuing to this, he said that the Tigraryan are then able to move south towards Addis.

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Ethiopia’s Civil War And TPLF

TPLF had been dominating the central government for over three decades. Abiy Ahmed took control in 2018 and led the country. Afterwards, he ordered a military escalation against the TPLF. 

There had been conflict in the region for a year. That had left thousands of people dead and millions had lost their homes. Moreover they are pushed towards severe famine. 

As a result, the country has gone into a civil war. Many people were displaced across the region. Now it is in the worst condition. 

There is a communication blackout and restrictions on the access for journalists. Ethiopia is now going in the favor of the Tigray rebel forces. 

Ethiopia’s War Situation And International Concerns

The issues with Ethiopia’s government and Tigray forces remained a major focus for the international leaders. Following, the world powers have voiced warnings about the military escalation. 

They urged for an immediate ceasefire after the rebels advanced towards Addis Ababa. Moreover, prior to a fortnight the global security administrations called the country to be in an emergency situation and urged Citizens to leave the state. 

More than 17 U.S senators compiled a legal document and sent it to the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and told him to engage directly with Abiy. They urged both parties to agree on an immediate ceasefire. 

Thus the international communities asked for the de-escalation, humanitarian access to all, protection of civilians and to respect the international humanitarian law. 

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