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EU Unveils New Guidelines To Boost Cancer Screenings

The EU unveils new guidelines to boost cancer screenings. Accordingly, the commission unveiled its proposals on Tuesday to boost cancer screenings.

Now, the European commission is recommending that they will make screening for three new types of cancer systematic. Accordingly, this will be the new EU approach to deal with cancer. 

EU Unveils Guidelines To Boost Cancer Screenings

The EU unveils these guidelines nearly two decades after Brussels first issued cancer screening. Those were the recommendations with health commissioner Stella Kyriakides stressing.

As a result, “much has changed” in the past 20 years as “medicine, technology have made incredible advances.” Accordingly, this will be the new Commission’s guidelines plan.

They will mainly focus on breast cancer. That will be extending to include women between 45 and 74 years of age. Now, the current age bracket is 50 to 69.

EU To Work On Different Tests For Cancer

The EU is now set to test Human Papillomavirus (HPV) to take place every five years or more. That is for women aged 30 to 65. Also, triage testing for colorectal cancer in people aged 50-74. 

Accordingly, they will be using a stool test followed by an endoscopy or colonoscopy if necessary. It aims “to ensure 90% of people in the EU qualify for breast, cervical, and colorectal screenings.

Furthermore, the commission will be offering these screenings by 2025,” Kyriakides said. In addition to reducing “unacceptable inequalities when it comes to screening”.

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