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Europe Has Lifted Condition Of Wearing Face Masks In Planes And Airports

Recently, Europe has lifted the condition of wearing face masks in Planes and Airports. The European Union has announced that there will no longer need to wear face masks at airports and on planes.

This will be starting next week in a response to ease COVID restrictions across the bloc. Accordingly, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency stated that this would be the joint decision made with the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. 

It said that this would mark a good step in the way of normalization of air travel for crew and passengers. 

Europe Has Lifted Condition Of Wearing Mask 

European countries are now lifting the conditions of wearing masks. They developed new guidelines to take into account due to the pandemic. 

Those guidelines include: vaccination requirements, immunity levels and then the physical and health conditions of a person. However, these guidelines and other recommendations take effect on 16 May. 

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Statement Of EASA Executive Director

The EASA Executive Director said that passengers should behave responsibly and also choose the respect for them from the people. Adding to this, he said that if a person has a cough or sneezing, he must wear a face mask.

Other Recommendations 

After getting off with the face mask, passengers need to consider other recommendations as well. Accordingly, they would have to wash hands and maintain social distance. However, the social distance may not be necessary for the airport operators. 

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