Facebook came with the facility to control comment on personal account

This time, users will be able to control the comments of public posts on Facebook.  Yes, Facebook has recently come up with a new feature.  As a Facebook user, you can control the comments on your public posts. What is this feature and why such changes have been made on Facebook are detailed in today’s event.

Recently the world famous social media has brought a change to Facebook where an additional feature has been added. In this case, the Facebook user will be able to directly control the comments of any public post made by him. In the comments section, the user can prevent any person from giving comments. In addition, the user himself can limit the comments of any person. Users will also reserve the right to restrict their comments by mentioning the names of other people outside the list of restricted people. Suppose you have a Facebook account which means you are a Facebook user and now it is normal for other people to be able to comment on any public post you have made. But if you don’t want anyone to comment on your post, you can limit their comment by mentioning their name.  Twitter, another well-known microblogging site, is already offering such benefits to its users. So those who use Twitter may be familiar with this feature. But now you will get this same benefit on Facebook.

Facebook authorities are hopeful that a user has the benefit of this new feature. Too often we get all the comments in our public posts that are embarrassing for us.  Or at times you may have thought that it would have been better if that person had not commented on my post. But so far this has not been possible because it was normal for everyone to be able to comment on public posts. But now Facebook has limited this comment.  As a result, you can limit the number of comments you do not want to get in your post.  You can also control those user comments that you do not want to see in your post.

Recently, various types of bullying or harassment activities have been spreading on Facebook. One of the harassing activities is to embarrass the user by going to public posts and making contradictory comments. This often leads to various problems for the user. And this is the idea that such a change has been brought to Facebook.

In addition to limiting comments on public posts, Facebook has said it will make one more change.  Where Facebook authorities have announced that a new feature called Chronological Mode will be added recently.  In general it means that the most recent post will be shown first. That is, a post will be arranged in chronological order according to the time it is published. A feature called ‘Filter Bar’ will be added here.  Under which a user can select 30 favorite friends or pages. And posts made by this dear friend or page will be shown to the person in chronological order.

However, it is good to say that this feature of Facebook is not new. I used to use such features on Facebook.  But, this feature was discontinued by Facebook authorities in 2009. Now Facebook is thinking of re-launching this feature.  In this case, the Facebook authorities say that they are hopeful that Facebook will be more user friendly through this feature.

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