Facebook is still partially offline

After a long seven-hour crackdown, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp have started coming back online.

From last afternoon Facebook is seen offline. Similar problems are occurring among Messenger users. Many people who use Instagram have reported that they are still showing offline.

However, the servers of Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, have been down for a long time. As well as most popular chatting apps WhatsApp is also seen offline which is owned by Facebook.

Image: Facebook

Facebook’s servers began to go down on the afternoon of October 4th. Although it has been slowly coming back online since 11pm, many users are still not able to use Facebook.

what happened?

According to Down Detector, the incident started at 16.44 BST. At that time, Facebook and other organizations under Facebook started showing offline.

Other services on Facebook include Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook users around the world are facing on problems through their mobile desktops and apps.

Users report that when they enter Facebook, the message ‘the site cannot be reached’ keeps coming up. Besides, it was not possible to upload any file using Messenger or other means.

image: Instagram

Facebook’s server down message has been spreading on Twitter since it was first published. At this time, users have started spreading the hashtag Facebook down message (#facebookdown) centered on Twitter.

More than tens of thousands users worldwide reported WhatsApp down at a time. At the same time, Facebook users confirmed the Facebook as well as messenger and Instagram server down.

image: WhatsApp

At this time, users get the message ‘computer is not connected’ when they try to use WhatsApp or Messenger from the desktop.

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statement of officials

There has been no word from Facebook officials since Facebook’s server went down. However, Facebook’s communication executive Andy Stone said in his tweet that Facebook is going through some problems.

He added in his tweet that they are trying their best to bring Facebook back to normal. However, no official statement has been made by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg yet.

Facebook and other services owned by it, such as Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, may not be officially known yet. It is not clear why Facebook’s went down worldwide. But it is thought that the issue is happened due to DNS problem.

Some Facebook officials have already apologized to users via Twitter. They said they are sorry for the temporary inconvenience of Facebook and are trying their best to resolve the issue.

Facebook server down and our concern

It would not be wrong to say that we are now living on the Internet. Now we depend on the Internet not only for communication but also for business or work.

Facebook is no longer just a means of communication, but it has given birth to a new possibility through F-Commerce.

image: facebook

Besides, the issue of Facebook’s server down is not a new phenomenon today. Facebook’s server has been down many times before.

In such a situation, our monopoly on the Internet can be a cause for concern. So, since the next world is going to be a technology-based world, we need to be more proactive in dealing with such problems.

Especially when a giant company like Facebook can stay for a long time, do the new and small online services easily make it a concern.

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