Facebook Tech Gifts for Law Students

With the rapid advancement in technology, it has been a boon for the students and scholars trying to research and get mentorship. The technology supports the educational enhancements of the scholars and ensures that the learning is pursued broadly.
What could be more wonderful than a renowned company to take such an initiative to release a tech platform for law scholars?
Yes, Facebook has come over a great initiative, which is targeted primarily at law scholars.
On June 4, 2021, Facebook India announced a Facebook India Tech Scholar(FITS), whose CO and Knowledge Partner is Mr. Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas.
Facebook says, “The program aims to provide students from select leading law schools in the country a platform for research and mentorship on topics related to technology law and policy. The first edition of the FITS program will offer eight law students an opportunity to work on a research project with leading Indian think tanks, which will also extend mentorship support to the students,”
This novel program has aimed to provide a platform to selected law schools in the country for research and mentorship.
The exams for the selection of students will be conducted by institutes of Delhi, Kolkata, Jodhpur, and Bengaluru.
This is an excellent opportunity for those law students who were good at their skills but were lacking in mentorship. This initiative would surely take them to the right path through experienced guidance.
The exam enrollment process has been started and will end on June 20. After that, the eight best students will be selected to work on research projects with a leading body of experts from India that will extend mentorship support to them.
The students from 4th to 5th year will be eligible to enroll in the screening examination.
This could be a life-changing opportunity and a massive breakthrough in law students’ lives, so taking a shot will be worth trying.

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