Factory installation in Egypt to produce Covid vaccine

For the production of the coronavirus vaccine, Egypt is opening a large factory in the country. The decision of opening a factory is taken by observing the vaccination rate and the cases in the country. 

To produce various types of vaccines, Egypt has cooperated with many major international vaccines production companies. So on Oct 6, in the suburb of Cairo, Egypt is all set for installing the VACSERA factory complex. The factory will aim to produce the polio vaccine, seasonal influenza vaccine, and pneumococcal vaccine. 

On Sept 6, Egypt has recorded around 368 new cases of covid, preceding the daily average of last week. However, it is a slight increase in the cases of Covid in Egypt compared to July, but still not as comparable to state this as a pandemic. Last year in 2020, during the summer, the daily increase in cases was around 1500. 

Egypt has rolled out the vaccinations. Currently, around 10.4 million doses are available, which is enough to vaccinate 5% of the country’s population, i.e., 100 million-plus folks.

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The Inauguration of the Factory 

In July, Egypt has started up the production of 1 million doses at the VACSERA Holding Company. But this production was only 1st batch of serum. 

On Aug 30, prime minister Mustafa Madbouly himself inspected the factory. He himself was reviewing for the initiation of the preparation of the vaccine. 

The Covid-vaccine factor is established in the vast area of 6,000 square meters (1.5 acres) to produce vaccines. This factory lies in the VACSERA factory complex, which is 60,000 square meters (15 acres). 

The rate of the manufacturing of the factory will be 24,000 packages per hour. And this is the enormous manufacturing rate in the entire Middle East and Africa. In addition, it will also be one of the most important centre of export of vaccines in African countries. 

Plans of VACSERA Factory 

The VACSERA factory complex aims to produce several sorts of vaccines in cooperation with many significant companies worldwide in this field.

On Aug, 23 the VACSERA-Sinovac vaccine got its emergency use license. Egypt’s Drug Authority approves this vaccine because it follows all the major rules to assess safety as well as it is also available readily at all places. 

The main reason for the vaccine production locally is to build up the security against the mutations of Covid. Until Sept 5, the total number of cases was 290,027, including 16,789 deaths.

According to the ongoing research and studies, it is necessary to have periodic vaccinations against the virus. That’s why it all will help to cover up for the Egyptians. 

The acceleration of the production of the vaccines will secure Egypt from the upcoming waves. And this is the main aim for the international community concerning coronavirus. Vaccines also state that no new variant will develop if the entire country gets its vaccination. 

What are the Requirements?

The factory will need labs for monitoring the production quality, types of equipment for central labs, manufacturing inputs recommended by WHO.

The factory will also need refrigerators for the preservation of the vaccines. Also, massive storage for storing 150 million doses.

And according to VACSERA factories, the equipment and rehabilitation will cost 785 million Egyptian pounds. 

The VACSERA factory in Agouza manufactures 300,000 doses of vaccine in a complete cycle, approximately 60 days. The factory’s annual manufacturing rate is about 110 million to 220 million doses. 

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