Finally, high speed 4G network for South West Ethiopia

Ethio Telecom serves as the primary internet and Telecommunication Company which the Ethiopian government owns. The company forms a true monopoly in the telecommunication sector. Recently Ethio Telecom has announced a significant setback in an event in Jimma. The company will partner with Ericson Radio system for 4G network expansion in the South West region of Ethiopia. The work has been initiated in June 2021 itself. This is a piece of excellent news for the people living in South West Ethiopia.

They plan to upgrade to Ericsson Network Manager and Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure with a virtualized packet core and modernization effort. In short, Ethio is planning to use Ericsson services to provide a high-speed 4G connection. According to the announcements, the core expansion will be held in Ethio Telecoms’s data centers and data centers in Addis Abada. The company has told that they are discontinuing the use of their Operation Support Systems (OSS) for now as they are not capable of transmission of the 4G network. They are planning to use a more advanced and high-capacity Ericsson Network Manager. Similarly, the 4G network will also use Ericsson Radio System products.

The decision of changing the telecommunication services to 4G is one of the tactical decisions made by Ethio telecoms. According to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report, the 4G subscribers in early 2021 have risen exponentially. The count has even reached over 100 million. Thus, modernizing the network when the demand is skyrocketing is quite an intelligent tactic move played by Ethio telecom.

In the event in Jimma, the CEO of Ethio Telecom stated that they are very excited about this collaboration with Ericsson Radio System to modernize the network. This would help Ethiopia in completing its goal in the digital world. Fast internet is the call of the hour, hence affecting education and development. He added that this would also improve the reach of telebirr, their digital mobile currency.

Thus everyone’s hope has been attached to this program, and now it’s the responsibility of Ethio telecom to implement the concept for the better future of Ethiopia successfully.

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