Firearms Control Act in South Africa

The recent graphs of South Africa produced by the police represent that the most commonly used weapon for committing crimes is firearms. 

And so, because of this concern, the  Civilian Secretariat for Police Services has requested to amend a Firearms Control Act to tightens up the firearm licensing measures.

The vital purpose of doing all this is to reduce the number of newly licensed firearms that are circulating openly. 

Rules & Regulations

South Africa already had strict rules and regulations regarding firearms. The Firearms Control Act, 2004 permitted more comprehensive access to legal guns than in 1968 law.

And according to the current act, if you want to acquire a license, you must be 21 years or older than that. The applicants who will apply for the permit will undergo detailed checking of their background. And they also have to pass the firearm competency test. The Civilian Secretariat for Police Services has asked for public opinions on the given law and has received more than 100,000 submissions. 

Many groups such as Gun Free South Africa are in favor of the amendment of this law. They think that this law is a masterstroke by the African government, and it will help a lot to reduce the firearms violence in the country. They also pinch out the fact of the declining firearm crime rate between 1998 and 2007. During this time, the last amendment was done in 2004. 

However, many groups like pro-guns are not in favor of this law at all. According to them, this is causing a negligible impact on the crime of South Africa. 

So in differing views, there are currently two teams for the FCA. But according to the research at the Wits University School of Governance, there are no relations observed in the linkage of FCA and reduced crime rates in Africa. 

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What’s in trend 

The basic idea for the rules and regulations of firearms is to keep the individuals’ safe environment. That’s why many countries around the world use legislation to prevent chaotic histories. The method of distributing licenses in most governments is to check the previous criminal records or substance abuse. If any of these results are positive, then the individual will not get the license. 

Studies show that the proper rules and regulations on firearms show the reduction and the accelerated reduction in the crime rates. 

Unfortunately, South Africa lacks behind with the data, which displays the decline in the crime rates due to FCA. But it is the fortune that there must be some steep after the implementation of the law. 

Illegal V/s Licensed Firearms

Illegals weapons are always used to commit crimes in South Africa. But these wide varieties of illegals weapons circulating all around were initially owned and licensed by civilians and private security companies. The also ended to criminals with the loss and theft. 

Controlling Firearms

The Firearms act is one of the many crime reduction laws in South Africa. And recently, police have seized many illegal firearms within the country and even in neighboring Mozambique.

And according to the reports, the police officers have destroyed 1,189,884 firearms between 1998-99 and 2013-14.

Firearms violence remains an enigma.

Despite such strict laws, South Africa is still surrounded by violence.

And there has been an increase in the annual murder rate of South Africa by 37% since 2011-12. And firearms were the featuring weapons of all these murders. 

Moreover, it is also one of the excellent methods and effective methods to reduce the crime rates. But with time the more illegal firearms seized are required to be done. Improvements in firearms legislation are the essential key aspect. 

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