Fishing spat flares in France

After getting the refusal of the license of dozens of French fishing boats from the London and Channel Island of Jersey, France is accusing Britain of playing these sorts of dirty politics.

The “fishy” fishing politics

When a self-governing British Crown dependency resides 14 miles from the French coast, the Jersey government has completed the process of rejection of 75 license applications from the French fishermen to function at their water bodies; the news started spreading like a fire all over places. 

And until the UK settles down the happening disputes, the France and EU will work on likely responses. After the meeting with fishing representatives on Wednesday, the conclusion came out that Paris is looking into something more intuitive. They’re trying to configure the way that includes trade and energy—also British students and rail service in France. 

Annick Girardin, the French maritime minister, asks for solidarity from other European countries. And it is reasonable because the phase from which France is going through can happen with anyone else also.

Also, French fishing should not be the subject of hostage for political ends by the British. 

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Fishing License and Laws

According to the fisheries agreement struck, there is an EU-UK, the French fisher has complete authority to do fishing in the 6-12 nautical mile zone. And they can do it at the UK shore till 2026. However, this could only happen if they can justify one condition to others. The condition that they have been previously serving in those shores. 

According to Ian Gorst, Jersey’s minister for external affairs, their government has taken an intuitive and practical way of distributing 64 full and 31 temporary licenses to French fishing boats. However, 47 ships already got their license earlier this year. 

Some of the fishermen have already been permitted in fishing Jersey’s water. But the right of EU-UK’s trade agreement goes only to those who worked in those waters for at least 11 days in past three years. And they have to prove it too. 

And according to the French government, 87 fishing boats were applied for the permits. Not 47 has the London government said earlier. 

The Cold War

Jersey’s primary source of electricity supply is France. And months ago, France warned them that they would cut off the power supplies if they didn’t comply with their demands. At that time also, many boats covered up the surroundings of the island’s main port. In return, the island’s main port launched naval patrol boats into Channel streams. 

A French government spokesman is threatening retaliation via Brussels on a totally bizarre decision by Jersey.  

“We are going to continue and step up our work with the (European) Commission to move forward on this issue, and also to study possible retaliation measures that could be taken if the agreement is not respected,” 

he added

UK-French relations were already bitter with the accusation of London that they are singing a new defense pact behind their back. This pact will provide the US-built nuclear-powered submarines to Australia.

Last week, Australia also cut off its 2016 deal with the French. The agreement of buying submarines worth $40 billion. As the part of AUKUS alliance, they have chosen US nuclear-powered submarines in exchange for that. 

However, this decision has enlightened the outrage in Paris, which made their relationship bitter. 

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