Flight BA 149: A secret military mission bearing Western greed

More than thirty years passed since the passengers from British Airways Flight BA 149 were taken, hostages. Those were used as Saddam Hussein’s human shield.

The passengers now need the UK government to accept responsibility, apologies and release a report about what really happened.

What happened to Flight BA 149

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British Airways Flight 149 departed from London Heathrow Air terminal to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (the previous terminal for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), via Kuwait City and Madras (currently called Chennai), operated under British Airways, with a Boeing 747-136.

The flight stopped at Kuwait International airport and never traveled further. The flight landed a few hours after the Iraq invasion of Kuwait during the wee hours of 2 August 1990. The aircraft, passengers, and crew were held captives by Iraqi forces later ended up being Saddam Hussain’s human shields.

What are human shields and how were the passengers used as human shields

This is how Israel uses its own people as human shields

Human shields are a group of people who are either forced or volunteers to shield a legitimate military target. In order to hinder the enemy from attacking it.

Iraqis abducted the passengers and crew of the ill-fated flight. Authorities released some, however, others endured abuse, rape, and starvation. Iraq utilized many of them as human shields at key offices to attempt to prevent Western powers bombarding them. The prisoners were released after five months.

Conspiracy theories regarding flight BA 149

BA 149 - Wikipedia
Rumbles of the Flight spread across the runway

In July 1990, a group of SAS soldiers who belongs to a secret group called ‘Inc’ controlled by MI6 received briefing by the English foreign Office and intelligence authorities about activities in Kuwait and anticipated invasion by Saddam Hussein.

A nine-man group tasked with getting into Kuwait and setting up long-term observation posts. To help call in counter strikes and screen a further conceivable intrusion into Saudi Arabia.

It has concurred that the fastest and most secure technique for planting the group into Kuwait would be flying them on BA149, with a cover story that they were architects and assessors in the oil business.

Journalist, Stephan Davis’s shocking claims in his new book – Operation Trojan Horse

Saddam Hussein's 'Human Shields' Still Want Answers After Three Decades Flight BA 149|  The Washington Newsday
The author posing with his controversial book

Operation Trojan Horse, claims the authorities in London used the flight to deploy nine military intelligence officials in Kuwait and knew the civilians risked capture.

Author Stephen Davis, who has interviewed passengers anonymously, as well as those involved in planning the mission. He said that the plane landed despite England getting US intelligence reports.

Reports stated that the Iraqi invaded three hours and 45 minutes prior and the control tower in Kuwait diverted all flights that night. Shortly, Iraqi planes beat the runway with bombs before tanks and troops encompassed the air terminal as Kuwaiti defenses paralyze.

The author also claims that an anonymous military account paid the air charges of those nine men. He also believes British Airways were aware of the plan.

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Political Background

Iraq invades Kuwait - HISTORY
The day when Iraq invaded Kuwait

There was an intense rivalry between Kuwait and Iraq over oilfields. West was dominated by the fear that Saddam may invade the oilfields, nearing Saudi Arabia. Those oil fields were fundamental to the world’s economies.

Western block anticipated it too late to stop Saddam’s assault on Kuwait. However, Western governments needed to guarantee his attack didn’t succeed. So government planned to send a hand-picked group of men into Kuwait before the intrusion began.

Personal Accounts from passengers of flight BA 149

Three decades of ,Flight BA 149 - France 24
A video grab showing Stuart Dressed in shorts as Saddam pat the little boy on the head and he nervously folded and unfolded his arms

Mr. Manners, who lives in Botany Bay in Kent, said; “There were a few events when I was advised I would have been shot, the guard turned out in a fury, kicked me around, put a firearm against my head, and pulled the trigger a couple of inches away. I and other people who were on flight BA149 are still living with the harsh scars and deserve clarification.”

Another hostage reported someone’s raped during the ordeal, said; “A portion of the things that occurred around there have influenced all of us in various manners for our whole lives. We have the right to know precisely what occurred and why.”

Ordeal of captivity

BA stewardess of Flight BA 149 | Daily Mail Online
BA stewardess who was forced to quit is left scared for her remaining life

Stephan wrote in his book, Numerous passengers and crew members from Flight 149 never recuperated from their experience. Some encountered long-haul medical conditions or required mental therapy. There have been suicides and attempted suicides. The greater part of the passengers lost their positions or homes. Jennifer Chappell – an active 12-year-old child with a decent school record – experienced long stretches of mental issues and counseling. She also attempted to commit suicide a few times.

Victims want answers from the British government

Victims of violent crime need more support | Opinion

The world of the 90s was the one in which it was simpler to conceal reality. There were no cell phones to photo or live-stream occasions, no online media to repudiate official proclamations.

It was a world where it was easier to believe that the West would not declare war based on misleading knowledge. And, the leaders would not mislead their citizens. But following 30 years, the reality reveals and lies unearthed. The government Brushed the unforgivable tale of human shields under the carpet.

Thus, Stephen has likewise requested the government to give some affirmation to the former hostages. Since they frantically need a conclusion.

He recalled interviewing the hostages and he narrated as; “Even after all this time, their voices are still shaking and they are tearing up.”

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