Ford Telematics: How rain sensing wipers work?

Ford telematics come with new feature and that is rain sensing wipers. Let’s know about the great addition in today’s tips and tricks.

How Ford Telematics Essentials Work?

Ford looks to be the world’s best vehicle manufacturing company due to it’s latest updates of Telematics Essentials and Rain Sensing Wipers. Your Ford vehicles come standard with hard working features, some operate behind the scenes, others wait at attention ready to serve on your command. Ford Telematics Essentials is one of them, complimentary for every Ford vehicle equipped with a factory installed modem.

Ford Telematics Essentials puts your finger on the pulse of your fleet. Instead of monitoring vehicle conditions manually you get the vital intelligence you need to keep them up and running with a fraction of the effort. When you activate your onboard modal and complimentary subscription to Ford Telematics Essentials. You get access to select vehicle health related features included in the full version of Ford Telematics.

Features Of Ford Telematics

You’ll see your fleet at a glance, which vehicles are connected, and identify which vehicles need service. And learn about repair and maintenance issues related to your vehicles. You’ll be able to track and manage service appointments making it easier for you to identify when a vehicle needs service.

Your health status readout includes: remaining oil life, dashboard lights and diagnostic trouble codes, as well as any recalls that need your attention.

Plus, how would you like to remotely unlock a vehicle for a driver who’s locked the keys inside or lock them all at the end of the day. That’s just one of many remote control vehicle features available or planned for the Ford Telematics Essentials dashboard.

That’s Ford Telematics Essentials, a powerful fleet management tool available at no cost to you from Ford Commercial Solutions. And here is how you operate Ford Rain Sensing Wipers.

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How Ford Rain Sensing Wipers Work?

Your vehicle may be equipped with available rain-sensing wipers. The sensors will detect moisture on the windshield and your rain-sensing wipers will automatically turn on in bad weather.

Their speed will adjust based on how wet the windshield gets. First, let’s be sure your rain-sensing wipers are enabled. Using the five-way control on your steering wheel, push the left arrow, then choose Settings, Vehicle, Wipers, and ensure that rain-sensing is checked on.

Now, here are a few simple steps to know.

Raising the stock up to the first position turns the rain-sensing feature on. And you can change the sensitivity setting by rotating the inner ring up for higher sensitivity and down for lower sensitivity. The sensitivity will raise the pace and operations of wipers.

Keep in mind, when you’re using the rain-sensing mode, your wipers will only wipe when they detect moisture. And they’ll only go as fast as needed to clear away the rain, so they may not wipe consistently.

Of course, you can always choose to control the wipers yourself by using the low or high speed settings instead. Remember to turn off rain-sensing when you go through a car wash to keep your wipers from automatically turning on. Just move the stock down to the O or Off position.

Few Words About Henry Ford

Henry Ford established Ford Automobile Company in 1903. And since then it never looked back. Henry Ford remained popular also in political affairs of his times. He was a very influential personality.  Especially he was against Zion Jews influence in USA. He also wrote a book on that topic. All these developments made him a famous person around the USA. 

Surely Ford automobile company is really revolutionary in electrifying and updating vehicles. It’s latest Telematics Essentials system and Rain Sensing Wipers technology make it more attractive to luxury car lovers. 

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