France and Algeria: A love hate relationship

President Emmanuel Macron, on his previous visit to Algeria, said he would not be held hostage by France’s colonial contribution and encouraged youthful Algerians to work for the future and not dwell on past “wrongdoings”. France and Algeria share a very complicated relationship.

The relationship is scarred by the trauma of the 1954-1962 freedom battle. In which the North Africa country broke with France. A huge number of Algerians were killed and the two sides utilized torment measures.

In the midst of this love-hate relationship between the two countries, headlines still feature a sour exchange of words between Algiers and Paris.

Algerians demand that France apologize for violations performed throughout its 132 years of cruel colonization, while France’s hesitance to do as such stays held up due to domestic political objectives.

Historic background of France and Algeria relations

History has a great deal to say about the appalling violations done by French colonial authorities in Algeria when it colonized the country for a very long time from 1830 to 1962.

Around 5,000,000 individuals were killed and many thousands more were harmed throughout the battle for independence.

Other crimes included torment, murder, displacement of native individuals, refusal of the most essential rights, nuclear tests. The seizure of fertile agricultural grounds, and looting of the North African nation’s wealth and resources. It took France around 70 years to completely control Algeria since seizing it on July 5, 1830.

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1871 Indigenous People Law

In 1871, the French colonial administration issued the Indigenous People Law. The historians believed it greatly impacted the plundering of Algeria’s assets and wealth.

the law made Algerians dependant on the colonialists, regardless of whether they were French or Europeans.

They granted ownership for horticultural grounds to European colonists who came from France, Italy, Spain, and Malta, granting only one-fifth of the Algerians working at the farms.

This law, which stayed in power until 1945, brought about the abuse and ravaging of Algerians’ wealth. The seizure of their agricultural lands, and their expulsion to bone-dry and rugged lands.

Talilani believes the looted at that time is worth more than $80 million, according to today’s estimate.

Fortnight of atrocities

Comparing Atrocities - FPIF
Gruesome atrocities

On May, 8th Algeria honored a huge number of freedom fighters killed by French forces in 1945

The French launched a 15-day mission of aimless violence, focusing on Setif and the encompassing rural district, bombarding towns and hamlets.

Former Gen. Raymond Duval led French authorities’ savage clampdown, forcing military law and curfew on territories extending from Setif to the 50 km north of the sea.

Freedom leaders detained in suspicion, and the air force barbed the towns associated with holding onto separatists and set them on fire. Women, kids, and the old were slaughtered and exactly 44 towns were obliterated in 15 days

Algeria is still looking for an apology

Last year, Macron tasked French history specialist Benjamin Stora to survey how France has managed its colonial heritage. He asked the authorities to speed up the opening of French archives on the Algerian war.

Released in January, the Stora report made a few proposals, including the formation of a memory and truth commission – to hear declarations from the individuals who endured during the war.

It didn’t, however, equate to a proper state apology. Macron has offered neither repentance nor an apology yet rather “symbolic demonstrations” of compromise.

The North African country still awaits for Paris to apologize for its colonial-era crimes!

Admission on the reality

Macron speech: French president announces concessions to quell weeks of  violent protests - Vox

President Macron admitted that France had a systemic hierarchy of leadership. That started torment over the seven years of Algeria’s bloody Battle of Freedom, which prompted the country’s freedom in 1962.

After 63 years and this confirmation at long last denotes the French Republic’s affirmation. That its military, paratroopers, and extraordinary powers utilized torment in Algeria.

Macron made the affirmation in an emblematic visit to the home of Maurice Audin’s widow, whose spouse was an associate science educator at Algiers College, a socialist, against the colonialist and pro-independence activist, who died after severe torture in detention.

A sweet and sour relation of France and Algeria

UN raises alarm over Algeria and france relations rights abuses | MEO

French-Algerian relations are not normal nor extraordinary. The two nations without a doubt continue having cordial relations. Yet every country stays in its comfort zone and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

France should quit viewing Algeria as a colonial administrative department.

In the meantime, Algeria should also quit requesting an apology. Since Algeria’s freedom war left a mark on the world and recounted its incredible story to the world.

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