France healthcare workers are reluctant to get the covid jab

Amid low uptake of the covid vaccine among France’s healthcare workers, demands are growing to make the jab compulsory for anyone working in healthcare.

France’s health minister issued a warning, saying, Covid vaccinations could become compulsory for health workers if they do not plunge their resistance to getting the jab.

Warnings came as reports afloat of a cluster of Delta variant cases developed in a care home in the Landes department of southwest France.

The virus infected 23 residents and six healthcare workers, due to one unvaccinated care employee.

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With the risk of a fourth wave soaring, stress is building for all healthcare professionals to get the jab.

But, many remain hesitant, they share their concerns in anti-vaccination Facebook groups and on social media, using the hashtag:

#JeNeMeVaccineraiPas or #NotGettingVaccinated.

Personal views of Healthcare workers:

Sylvie, a retirement home nurse, has refused to vaccinate for the fear of apparent adverse reactions. “I don’t trust their gene therapy. There’s not enough hindsight about the vaccine. It’s still experimental and humans are used as guinea pigs. To me, it’s toxic,” she told a media outlet.

Martin, a psychiatric ward nurse, shares these fears. “We can’t be distinct that there are no side effects in the long term,” he said. “The vaccinations should only be for those at risk, like the elderly and people with underlying health issues,” he said, stressing that he was not anti-vaccine in general and was up to date with all his other shots.”

Most of his colleagues rationed this view, he said, and the topic has become a controversial one.

So far, only 57% of caregivers in nursing homes and 64% of hospital staff have been vaccinated in France.

The Hospital Federation of France on Wednesday called on the government to make the vaccine mandatory for healthcare professionals.

In a press release, they called for the measure “to be enforced through law with an exact time frame without waiting for September.”

The question is “What will happen to those who deny even if it is required for the job?” such a law could lead to a tide of resignation.

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