France is going to face civil war

Civil war is raging in France, one of Europe’s most powerful superpowers. The country’s military has recently issued an open letter warning of such a thing. The open letters were published by a popular right-wing French media.

On May 9, the country’s military signed an open letter in which about 75,000 troops spoke out in the same vein.  It should be noted that the country’s army had given a verdict before a similar open letter.

The military says the UK has long been working to eradicate terrorism in France. But recently the country’s head of state has ensured free movement for Muslims, which threatens France.  It should be noted that the migration of Muslims in France has been on the rise for the past few years. This is why the country’s military has expressed concern.  The country’s right-wing leader who will contest the next election with Emanuel Macron has given his opinion on favor of cop.

In such a situation, the current head of state of the country has said that the army chiefs can never take power in their own hands. A country’s military has to be neutral all the time.

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