France’s policy in the Mediterranean and Greece agreement

France has entered into a new agreement with Greece as a part of France’s policy in the Mediterranean. After the submarine agreement with Australia was broken, France has entered into a new agreement with Greece to sell warships.

The Greek delegation said it was going to buy eight warships from France. It is also known that Greece has already signed an agreement of five million euro with France.

Following the signing of the agreement on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron said that the agreement would take their relationship with Greece one step further.

Earlier, Australia abruptly canceled a submarine deal with France. The European Union has always supported France’s position against the newly formed AUKUS. In order to increase mutual friendship, the EU member states are trying to acquire military capabilities by signing various agreements among themselves.

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Why is Greece buying arms from France?

Greece is one of the countries in the European Union that is geographically very important. The country is about to buy eight warships from France as French Naval group is one of the biggest arms making company.

It is known that the initial shipments of these warships will arrive in the summer of 2024. In addition, by 2026, Paris will deliver in full according to the agreement.

But buying arms from France is nothing new. The country bought a large number of rifles from France earlier this year.

In fact, Greece is located in the Mediterranean region, and Greece has a strategic conflict with Turkey over a Mediterranean island.

Greece needs military force to build up resistance against Turkey. In addition, European Union countries are now exchanging military weapons among themselves.

Against the nature of the newly formed AUKUS , the United Kingdom China is now the first goal of the European Union countries to increase their military power.

France-Turkey relations

France has long enjoyed warm relations with Turkey. Late last year, the Turkish president directly criticized Emanuel Macron.

In addition, the Turkish president’s sarcastic remarks on France’s radical anti-Muslim policies are frequently heard.

On the one hand, the anti-Muslim hatred of France does not look good on the President of Turkey, on the other hand, France has been indirectly criticizing the leader of the new Ottoman Empire.

Meanwhile, Turkey has questionable relations with Greece over an entire Mediterranean island. At that time, France supported Greece in helping Idris and maintaining its position in the European Union.

The idea behind the current military deal with Greece is that there is a direct conflict with Turkey. But the main reason is that it is much more political.

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France’s policy in the Mediterranean and military agreement with Greece

France’s geopolitical motives behind the new military alliance with Greece are no less important. France has repeatedly focused on increasing military cooperation in the European Union, especially since the new treaty between the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

This is politically important for France, as Greece is located in the Mediterranean. A new military agreement with Greece could allow France to intervene more in the Mediterranean.

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