Abou Dardar an armed man arrested by France Forces in Mali

One of the key figures in the Islamic State has been captured by the French military. French forces in Mali have captured the Islamic Fighter in the Great Sahara ( EIGS) region. Abou Dardar was a suspect as an armed man who was arrested with an automatic weapon, night vision telescope, radio, etc. but without any resistance.

Who is Abou Dardar?

Abou Dardar’s real name is Dadi ould Chouaib. He has long been involved in terrorist activities in the Western Sahara region. Formally he was associated with the Al Qaeda-linked Oneness and Jihad (MAJOU) movement. According to France 24 local sources, he was responsible for mutated three people in a market and cut down their hands and legs. He was arrested in 2014 for the first time. After his arrest, he was handed over to the Mali government. But unfortunately, he was released with 200 other terrorist exchanges of five French hostages including Sophie Petronin in 2020.

How Abou Dardar was arrested?

Abou Dardar was captured in the tri-border area of Niger Mali and Burkina Faso during a joint operation of Niger and France on June 11. He was located by a Helicopter sweep in a joint operation by Operation Burkina and Niger jointly. The Niger force spoke out about the event last Wednesday at midnight. Niger said that the operation which started on 8 June came to end with one death of a Nigerian Soldier and lifted twelve terrorists neutralized.

The news brings relief for France, as Emmanuel Macron promised to arrest a jihadist group in the Sahel region in February. France, a former colonial power, has promised to alienate al Qaeda and jihadist groups from the Tri-Border region, which is why they have been so successful in their Burkina operation. It is very welcoming news according to Emmanuel Macron.

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