Gaming Crackdown is Bad for China in Asian Games

Gaming Crackdown in China will dull the nation’s competitive dominance as China’s professional Esports team is all set to compete in an international tournament. It also includes the next year’s Asian Games. The players and the experts warned everyone.

Last week, Beijing launched gaming regulations regarding young gamers. Gaming crackdown includes the limitation that players under 18 are only allowed to play 3 hours a week of gaming.

The Asian Games are all set to happen in 2022, at Hangzhou in a Stadium that is completely dedicated to competitive video gaming in Chongquing with over 7,000 seats. The country is all set to host the sports first arrival as a medal event.

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Gaming Crackdown affecting Esports Development

While talking to the Financial Times, the German Professional League of Legends player and coach, Maurice Stückenschneider, known as ‘Amazing’ said, “Now it’s nearly impossible for China to continue any Esports development.”

Exports is a fairly huge business in China and also an extremely popular one.

According to Newzoo, a market research group, The world’s tip video gaming merchandise has an estimated 720m gamers creating revenues of $44bn in 2020.

The Universities in the country are also offering Esports Courses as a niche subject in-game set design. As we know, the Chinese teams have won several international tournaments.

Gaming Crackdown is boosting Rival’s Performence

Amazing said, “You have to see Esports as similar to another sport. Players can train 70 hrs of the week or potentially for more, So that could mean a disparity of 67 hrs.

“It’s just going to be impossible for young Chinese gamers to maintain a high level of competition.”

He also said that gamers in China and South Korea frequently train six days a week with almost two three-hour blocks and a third two-hour block at night.

According to the Esports professionals, this regulation is providing a huge advantage to the rivals. The rival teams are from South Korea, the US, and Europe.

According to Maurice Stückenschneider aka ‘Amazing’, “China has the most to teams in the globe.”

The latest restrictions endanger weakening China’s reputation, according to Stückenschneider.

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It’s all in the ‘Age’

The 24 years old professional gamer of Shanghai, Ding, started gaming at the age of 15.

He told the FT, “I would play 3 to 4 hours every day, after school, and the whole weekends. It’s a matter of practice that makes it perfect”.

“The restrictions or limitations will hugely impact China’s Esports performance. Because the other countries have zero restrictions for their players so definitely they have more time to practice.”

The Game developers, Tencent, China’s most profitable company are eliminating the industry by generating tournaments and competitive teams.

Live events are boosting revenues with streaming, advertising, merchandise sales, ads, and media rights.

The owner of a reputable Esports club in Shenzhen, Sarah, said the new limitations “came out of the blue.”

She said, ” The perfect age for a professional is from age 16 to 21 years old. But the requirement is to start training from the age of 16.

She also explained that in professional gaming, the opponents will always be the gaming experts. The players need to be familiar with all the experts with different teams and versions.

Everything is dependent on constant training that is impossible to do at home alone.

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Priorities of China

The founder of Chengdu Gaming federation, Charlie Mosely, believes that China is prioritizing the controlling cultural values over Esports competitiveness.

The government is not thinking about the future of tech in the country but rather their forgotten values.

Also, the Esports industry would face a sudden terrible disaster because of these regulations.

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