General Assembly called for an end of nuclear tests

President of UN General assembly Volkan Bozkir called for an end to nuclear tests, on Wednesday September 8. He urged  for the purpose of nuclear disarmament around the world. 

As demonstrators demanded a ban to the nuclear warfare and weapons. The Ambassadors around the world gathered on the international day against nuclear tests. This is observed on 29th of August every year. Having different perspectives about nuclear weapons. 

Statement Of UN General Assembly President

According to the President Bozkir, countries must have yet to sign or ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) without delays.

He added that nuclear tests brought long lasting health and environmental problems. These are the sources of devastation of hundreds of communities. 

Steps Ahead In Nuclear Disarmament 

The UNGA President urged that steps to be taken ahead for the progress in nuclear disarmament. He focused about arranging the meetings on the matter of Non-Proliferation Treaty before February 2022. 

He further stressed to conveying fourth Conference on Nuclear weapon free zones and Mangolia. These are persistently postponed from April 2020. 

Furthermore, the UNGA president urged to advance CTBT and its objectives. This is further about to cutt of the explosive nuclear tests around the world by any nation. 

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About CTBT 

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty CTBT set to function in September 1996. It aims to prohibit any nuclear weapon test or any other nuclear explosion around the world. 

More than 180 nations have signed on the Objectives of CTBT. Although 170 countries have ratified it till now, it should be further ratified by other 44 specific nations. 

However the most concerning specific nations include: Pakistan, China, India, Iran, Israel, Egypt, North korea and the United States. Before these ratifications, the treaty would not be able to come into force. 

On the other hand, the USA and Russia are delaying ratification. They have further extended the reduction in nuclear arms prohibition agreement upto 2026. 

Role Of UNGA For Ending Nuclear Tests 

In 2012 the United Nations General Assembly stressed the need for negotiations on the reduction of nuclear weapons. The General Assembly then passed a resolution: “Taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations”.

Then in 2013, the General Assembly developed an open ended working group. The group include personals which help run the propsals of negotiations around the world and achieve certain reports.

After these steps in the way of ending nuclear tests, the General Assembly finally decided to held a Conference in 2017. It was about a legall documentation on the nuclear disarmament. 

As a result the treaty on prohibition of Nuclear disarmament came into existence. It urged all the member states of UN to ratify the treaty as per humanitarian concerns. 

Coordination Of Other  Organisations 

In order to achieve high ends in the pupose of nuclear disarmament, other known organisations also played their roles. These include, International Committee of the red cross and International Compaign to abolish Nuclear Weapon ( ICAN). 

Moreover hundreds of organisations presented their concerns over nuclear disarmament in the world. ICAN specifically demanded an immediate action to advance nuclear disarmament processes. 

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