German political scientist arrested over espionage charges

A German political scientist was arrested on skepticism of spying for China for several years.

German authorities claim he got enrolled by Chinese intelligence while lecturing at Tongji University in Shanghai in mid-2010. He was regularly debriefing his handlers and given money, generally before major seminars and state visits.

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Authorities debunked his strategies:

His trip expenses to China were covered through November 2019, after which German investigators showed up at his residence to arrest him and conduct a search of his property.

The man identified as Klaus L.,75, was operating for a think tank that allegedly passed information to Chinese intelligence.

The information was passed between 2010 and 2019 during and after multinational conventions.

Klaus L. had spent years going in and out of German Intelligence Agency (BND) headquarters in Pullach. He had great contacts up the chain of power, including the higher ranks.

German prosecutors said Klaus L. collected information from his high-level political connections. The information was colelcted from the web he had built over the years.

He was previously charged in 2019 while he was on his way to airport, with his wife, to travel to Macau to meet with Chinese intelligence officials.

German political scientist will have to face the court:

The prosecutors also said that he had received a “fee” for his information and that his trips to meet with Chinese intelligence employees were paid for. The suspect is expected to appear before a court on Tuesday.

The federal prosecutors’ office said in a release that a recent arrest warrant was issued on June 21 and Klaus L. was re-arrested.

Klaus will appear before the State Protection Senate of the Munich Higher Regional Court. The arrest warrant will open in court for making the decision concerning pre-trial custody.

In June, German officials also individually arrested a Russian scientist on suspicion of spying for Moscow, who was working at a university.

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