Germany barred from training, ahead of their game in Wembley

Germany will not be entitled to drill on the pitch at Wembley, the night before their game with England, in the last 16 of Euro 2020 due to the thunderstorms and heavy rain prediction in north London for the 48 hours before kick-off.

The field in the London stadium is given a retrieval pause after several games to conserve the pitch’s condition due to the direction issued by UEFA.

The German newspaper Bild has called it a “scandal” saying it gives an unnecessary benefit to England, who played all three group games on their home ground.

After subsequent conversations with the Wembley ground staff, the Austrian and Italian players were also deterred from training, after Germany, on the pitch before their knockout game on Saturday night.

Germany has modified their training strategies and they will have an additional session at its training base in Herzogenaurach on Monday morning, before flying to London.

Some of the rulings are causing varied sentiments among German fans and team members. Due to strict travel constraints, only 2000 tickets are attainable for German supporters, mostly living and working in or around the British capital. For all others, traveling has become unthinkable as a quarantine of up to 10 days is required. The UK government has implemented a quarantine system for international arrivals steering into the UK from countries with higher Covid-19 rates and lower vaccination momenta. Germany has been put on the UK government’s ‘Amber’ list, indicating Germany’s sluggish reaction to the vaccine rollout.

The German federation didn’t officially comment on the actions taken by the UEFA and the British Government, but inside news speak of enormous awe among officials and coaching crew.

The regulations have been put in place because UEFA is keen to assure that the playing surface is not destroyed, with both semi-finals and the final also to be played at Wembley.

Source: Sky Sports

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