Germany & Norway team-up to acquire submarines and naval missiles

Norway and Germany signed a contract on 8th July to mutually acquire new submarines and naval Strike missiles. Looking for lower costs and considering long-term participation between the two nations’ militaries.

Past agreement between Norway & Germany in 2017:

The deal, part of a long-term strategic cooperation agreement that the nations endorsed in 2017, will procure;

Four Thyssenkrupp-made 212CD class submarines for the Norwegians, and two for the Germans. As well as, Kongsberg-produced missiles, for utilization of both nations.

The six submarines are worth around 5.5 billion euros, as per an assertion from the German organization. Construction on the main boat, scheduled for Norway, is due to start in 2023 and be delivered in 2029. While the two German subs scheduled for delivery in 2032 and 2034.

Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is appointed to build six new Type 212 Common Design submarines, for the Norwegian and German Naval forces.

TKMS CEO Rolf Wirtz said: “The 212CD request is a significant milestone.”The Norwegian and German naval forces are getting the most current submarines on the planet. The global and industrial alliance will forever shape the partnership in the maritime region.”

Germany & Norway team-up to acquire submarines and naval missiles
Left to right: Ine Marie Eriksen Soreide (Minister of Defence, Norway) with Ursula von der Leyen (Minister of Defence, Germany)
Germany & Norway collaborate over new deal under past contract:

The project also incorporates a coalition between the Norwegian and German industries. Most likely, the German Naval force will purchase Kongsberg’s Maritime Strike Rocket for its future MKS 180 frigates, while the Norwegian organization will give the battle management executive framework for the new submarines.

“Both the new submarine class and the NSM represent the most modern and top-of-the-line innovation equipment that exists in the world today. Kongsberg is proud to be in the first seat in this excursion. Eirik Lie, President of Kongsberg, said in a statement.

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The Norwegian Ministry of Defence in March announced it had reached an agreement with the companies, yet was anticipating endorsement by the German parliament prior to settling the contract.

“The submarine capability will be essential in securing our northern flank, as well as NATO’s. The submarine ability will be fundamental in getting our northern flank, just as NATO’s. Moreover, we are utilizing economy of scale by working identical submarines. The submarine task inherently associates with the normal acquirement of the modern anti-surface Naval Strike Missile, as well as mutual advancement of a Future Naval Strike Missile.”

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