Germany to return Nigeria’s looted artifacts

After years of pressure, Germany recently announced that an agreement had been reached. To return hundreds of priceless Nigeria’s looted artifacts in colonial times and were on display in German museums.

What is Benin bronze?

Opinion | Give Us Back Our Benin Bronzes = the looted artifacts - The New York Times
The looted artifacts on display

The Benin Bronzes mostly made of metal while some from ivory or wood – belonging to the kingdom of Benin, in present Nigeria. When Britishers attacked the kingdom in 1897, many of the plundered items paid the expenses of the military campaign.

German Southwest Africa

Have we forgotten the starvation, plundering, and sheer brutality of  colonialism? — Quartz India
The sheer brutality of colonialism era

Nigeria, former German southwest Africa, was a German settlement from 1884 to 1915. However, after Germany’s loss in The Second Great War, Berlin lost all its abroad colonial territories. Resulting in Namibia becoming mandated to South Africa by the League of Nations (1919-1990).

The slaughter occurred somewhere between 1904 and 1908 when the Herero and Nama tribesmen rebelled against the control of their property by German powers.

Following an annihilation order given by Broad Lothar Von Trotha. An expected 100,000 Herero and Nama individuals were killed in a four-year crusade. That turned into the first massacre of the twentieth century.

Pictures from that period make it difficult not to think about the Holocaust. The survivors’ chests and cheeks logged out due to the slow process of starvation. Their ribs and shoulders extended through their skin. These are the essences of individuals who endured the German reign and survived.

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German apology to colonial rule

Namibia rejects German compensation offer over colonial violence | Namibia  | The Guardian

Nigeria rejects German compensation offer over colonial violence

Germany’s administration recognized that they committed genocide during its colonial control of what is currently Nigeria. They guaranteed more than $1 billion for development projects in communities that plummeted from casualties.

The announcement from Germany’s Foreign Ministry comes after more than five years of negotiations between Berlin and Nigeria.

LRT in talks with Germany and Britain to return the looted artifacts

Namibian tribe continue fight for German compensation over colonial  genocide and looted artifacts - The Local
Nigerian tribe continues to fight for the bronze

The Legacy Restoration Trust had the support of Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki and had intended to place the Bronzes in an Edo Museum of Western African Art.

The British Museum has signed a deal with the LRT for an archaeology project in Benin City. The German government is talking about doing likewise, and funding an LRT house the looted Bronzes. These agreements are worth a large number of dollars.

In April the German government said it needed to offer back many of Benin Bronzes, and a few museums. The UK also made similar declarations.

Owing to the rift between Nigerian leaders, it got delayed. As Directors of European museums told; “Our policy is that if claimants are in dispute amongst themselves, we wait until they resolve it.”

Will Nigeria get all the looted artifacts?

Regardless of whether Germany was to return all of Benin looted objects. This won’t add up to even 10% of the looted items.

Colonialism was a European project and so was the looting of art. So entire Europe and Global North are the reason for ruining the craftsmanship. Many Benin Bronzes are for example in the US.and others in the British Museum.

Museum to be built in Benin City to showcast the looted artifacts of colonial times

Adjaye Associates reveals vision for Edo Museum of West African Art for looted artifacts exhibition
The Edo museum

Nigeria intends to construct a gallery in Benin city to house the plundered antiquities after their return. A €3.4 million plan in which the British Museum will also partake.

Currently, an Edo Museum of west African Art is being built in Benin City in Edo State in southern Nigeria, which will host Benin Bronzes. The distribution of the returned work of art between Nigeria and other states is as yet an issue of discussion.

Reforming Benin city

Major new archaeology project on site of new museum in Benin - British  Museum Blog
Historic landmark built on the remains of the royal residence

The German government is contributing €4.5 million to the development of creative projects. They expect that it will serve the purpose apart from compensation.

To mark the notable historic significance of the area. The museum construction begins on the remnants of the original royal residence in Benin City. For now, Benin City remains to some degree a risky spot in Nigeria. Only known for an alternate sort of plundering and looting.

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