Giza Plateau and the downstream story of it

Zaki, a 42 years old business manager and owner of the horse riding, lives in the small village situated at the foot of the Giza Plateau. His job is to offer the ride to the visitors to some world-class area’s archaeological sites.

But as time passes, many changes happened with Giza Plateau as Egypt’s tourism ministry is working hard to develop the nearby Grand Egyptian Museum area. 

Egypt’s prominent national symbols are getting overlooked after the opening of the new restaurants. Some of the central symbols, such as the Pyramids, the electric busses, etc., must be maintained in Giza Plateau. 

The Downstory with Giza Plateau

Zaki is got this house business in inheritance from his father. His father used to run this business decades ago. And he became a part of this from his early teens. At the time when he dropped from school and became a part of the family business. 

According to Zaki, tourism helps him get the bread daily so that he will be foolish if he doesn’t utilize the opportunity despite having pyramids at his doorstep. 

When his father passed away in 2012, he took over the business in his hands. But there’s not a well-performing business for him since the uprisings of the Arab. Despite having the grief of losing his father, he was also going through financial problems.

Zaki personally owns many horses that tourists ride. And the feeding and caring of the houses are costly. When there was the downfall of tourism in Egypt, they have gone through much financial crisis to take care of the. 

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Dark Side

In a 2019 campaign, PETA claimed that there is animal abuse in the Egyptian tourism sector. 

A viral video by the group revealed the animals’ abuse at the major tourist sites of Egypt, like the Giza Plateau. According to the footage, the animals were being treated very ill-mannered. They were getting hit by the sticks and very carry the carriages to and fro from the pyramids. 

According to the Ashraf Mohy El-Din, the PETA campaign is not the reason for overhauling the Giza Plateau Giza archaeological complex. 

The tourists can get information about various things from the campaign they don’t like to visit in Giza Plateau. 

A new set of rules and regulations will be in action for the tourists who enter the Giza Plateau. 

The new regulations also say that the holidaymakers will treat all animals well mannered without hurting them. 

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