Google’s settlement on French Antitrust Case

What Is Antitrust Law?

They are the guidelines that the government issues to protect consumers from predatory business. It ensures fair competition among organizations and business corporations and prevents monopolies.

The Competition Authority in France follows the European Union Model and principles regarding unfair competition and ensures curbing any business monopolies.

Is Google Becoming Monopoly?

Alphabet Inc’s Google has become a synonym for searching. This search engine has become more and more potent over the years. But due to its extreme supremacy in search engines and other search sites, it sometimes appears to us as a monopoly in this field.

According to research, it has been found that despite some of the flaws, Google is not a monopoly.

Google Search Case 

It seems that in specific points, Google has crossed its limits. The US and UK governments have charged Google for allegedly rigging search results for political reasons.

When you enter your query in the search bar of Google, the Site Crawlers of Google fetch and display the answer to your question in such a manner that you might get what you want in just a single search. You will not be going on any other sites to get a more detailed answer to your query. This also reduces the traffic of the sites.

And this is the main reason that why the UK, US, and Australian governments have filed an ANTITRUST CASE on Google.


The European Commission fined Google 2.4 billion euros ($2.7 billion) in 2017 after finding the company violated antitrust rules by allegedly abusing its dominance in search to advantage its shopping comparison product over competitors’. The DOJ lawsuits also filed a case on October 11, 2020, for allegedly exclusionary contracts that Google used to lock up distribution. 

Action By France & Google’s Settlement

The French case is one of the most advanced globally, monitoring Google’s dominance as a provider of tools for buying and selling ads across the web. The French Competition Authority stated that Google’s tools help apps and ad selling websites give Google’s ad auction system a tremendous advantage over rival companies.

Google offered a settlement offer by abolishing barriers that cost loss for its competitors. But Google is fighting against its rivals, with his lawsuits for the same reasons in the US.

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