Gulab is coming after Yash!

Just after the outbreak of Yash, another cyclone was forecast by the Meteorological Department. Cyclone Yash is still raging across the Bay of Bengal. Heavy rains and low pressure are seen in different parts of Bangladesh including Orissa and West Bengal. In this circumstance, forecasting of another cyclone brings fear  for the people of coastal area. 

 According to the pre-determined listing, the cyclone was named Gulab. The word Gulab in Urdu means ‘rose’, which Pakistan has played a role in naming. Climate experts say that Gulab could soon hit different coasts of South Asia, but choose exactly which region to use are not identified yet.  The southern coast of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or the Maldives could be the target of the cyclone. Experts say the Bay of Bengal could be the birthplace of the cyclone but it also be Indian Ocean or the Arabian Sea.

 The effects of a cyclone have not yet receded from the coastal areas of the Bay of Bengal, but Yash has almost calmed down. The cyclone originated in the Bay of Bengal last Tuesday and wreaked havoc throughout the day on a full moon on Wednesday.  In the meantime, the forecast of a new cyclone has created fear in the minds of the victims. Already many houses have been submerged due to the impact of Yash and the coastal infrastructure has collapsed. Danger signal number 2 is going on in the coastal areas of Bangladesh. How March miseries Gulab will bring, it’s just a matter of time. 

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