H.I.V vaccine failure in Africa and the lessons from it

After observing that the H.I.V. vaccine shots only provide limited protection against the virus, the vaccine trials are on halt. 

Johnson & Johnson’s H.I.V. vaccine is found to provide very little help in defense of the H.I.V. Even there are many risks of infections in one candidate’s vaccine. 

Last year also, one more trial was halted for the same reason of not providing sufficient protection. 

In 2020, the worldwide population of infected people was around 1.5 million. And currently, 38 million are infected. 

All the scientists are very disappointed about the failure of the H.I.V. vaccine. 

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Thoughts on the failure of H.I.V. Vaccine

According to Dr. Glenda Gray, he got into the habit of losing by now, but people should not be. They should keep their hope on it, and others must pull up their soul for it. 

Dr. Gray is in the industry of developing H.I.V. vaccine for more than 15 years. 

New strategies for H.I.V. Vaccine

A new strategy is required for the further development of the H.I.V. vaccine. So this month, the new vaccine test will be run on an mRNA platform. This trial is known as Imbokodo. And many company’s covid vaccines are devised for here. This trial has been run on the 2,600 young women inflated with the high risk of H.I.V. virus. And almost two-thirds of the H.I.V. infections are women and girls in the region.

The National Institutes of Healththe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johnson & Johnson are funding the trials of the new H.I.V. vaccine. 

The vaccine is covered up by the adenovirus known as Ad26. It provokes the immune system by carrying the four subtypes of the H.I.V. virus into the body. 

H.I.V is a deadly pathogen, unlike others. And it infects exactly that immune system which they are trying to cure. 

Infections Rate

Participants of the Imbokodo trial are filled up with two shots of the H.I.V. vaccine in 2017 and then with booster shots later on over the year. 

From the 7th to 24th month, researchers tracked the graph of infections in placebo groups.  

The people who have the vaccine in place of a placebo showed an efficiency rate of over 25 percent. 63 of 1,109 participants are infected with H.I.V. who received a placebo. 

According to the studies, in Thailand, during the initial period of time, this vaccine is usable to provide some antibodies to the immune. It can give excellent protection, at least at the starting point. 

However, the increasing cases of H.I.V. in South Africa demand some robust solutions. The immune system of the present time is not well enough to fight against this virus in Africa. 

Providing 25 % of efficiency is quite a false security for women. 

However, according to Johnson and Johnson, parallel development of it will be going on. It will test on men who had coitus with men or transgender in several countries. This sort of study is known as Mosaico. It is used to do to increase the efficiency rate of the vaccines. 

The last failures will be used as a clue to determine its reason for just working only for 25 % and will help to improve the future vaccine. 

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