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Hackers Target Children On Video Games 

Hackers target children on video games. A new research on online video games says that hackers are now targeting video games. Because, children are now more online than ever before.

Accordingly, as children immerse themselves in the world of video games, they’ve become increasingly vulnerable to hackers. Now, by 2025, the video game market is set to reach a value of $256.97 billion.

Hackers Target Children On Video Games 

According to the survey, one in three people around the world play video games. That has become a significant portion of the gamers are children.

The children have options of Digital and real currencies in games. One of the most popular games with children is Roblox. This is an online platform that allows users to create their own games for others to play.

Hackers To Target Roblox Account

Hackers may target the entire Roblox account away the children. In these games, completing tasks gets you the in-game currency which you can use to buy items.

Accordingly, you can also buy the currency with real money. Roblox has its own currency called Robux. Now, the lure of in-game purchases is compelling to children.  To those who might not have an adult understanding of money.

Hackers Targeting Through Online Treasure Troves

Treasure troves are those digital items that children earn through hard playing and after great efforts. Accordingly, children spend more time and more money on their games.

Then, they amass collections of digital items that have great emotional value to them. Now, it’s these digital collections that hackers are targeting.

Callum, a 14 years old child, had a collection of digital outfits on Roblox. He was really proud of keeping it. Accordingly, one outfit, dragon-styled armour was worth 1,000 Robux. That is almost equal to between $3.50 and $12.50.

Afterwards, his collection was stolen by a hacker. Then, he found it exhausting to start from scratch earning it all back. Callum says: 

“You’re going to have to play a lot, obviously. And when you play a lot in a game you get burnout” .

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