Haiti’s PM urged UN on Haitian migration

Haiti’s PM Ariel Henry stated to the UN General Assembly in a video speech that migration won’t end unless the inequality does. 

Following the U.S treatment of Haitian refugees, the Prime Minister pointed out issues of inequalities. He said that inequality and conflicts drive migration. 

Although he did not directly criticize Washington about the issue. He had presented certain reasons over the issues. There were different implications about the video Conference.

Haiti’s PM Statement About Migration And The Action Of U.S

His statement was not fully neutral about the issue. Firstly he assured that the U.S or any other state have their rights to control the entry borders. Also added that it is up to them to take actions against those who enter their border illegally.

However, on the other hand he stressed the situations of his country’s people and the reason for their migration. He stated that it is nothing but poverty and it’s integrated conflicts in the country. 

Finally he said that there are many countries which have become prosperous. These are due to the successive waves of different migrants and refugees

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Haiti’s Migrants And U.S Immigration Policy

After the deadly earthquake in Haiti in 2005, there had been a continuous decline in the country’s social and economical structure. Thousands of immigrants had started migrations. 

The United States maintained a policy of Haitian immigrants. According to which, those who enter the country within a year of the earthquake would be given TPS (Temporary Protected Status). 

Till today thousands of Haitians are coming to seek asylum in the lands of the U.S. There are large camps of Haitians found in the U.S. One is in Mexico and other is in the region of Latin America. 

The Long And Hard Journey Of One Haitian Migrant!

A migrant Mr Janvier said the story about his hard journey of migration. This was real and factual, as according to him he left his country in  2014. 

Then he go to the Brazil where he spent many years. Afterwards he moved to Chile and get married. At that he decided to enter U.S. However he had been through 11 different countries. 

However, he said that whole the journey was tough for them. They traveled on foot and sometimes used bus or other local convenience. He also went through the areas of Andes and Amazonian Basin. 

Then he and his family crossed the Darian gap through the dense forest between Columbia and Panama. There he saw the dead bodies of other Haitians and Cuban migrants.

Finally the most deadly thing during the journey was the sad news he knew about his home. He left his mother in Haiti and she lost due to the deadly Earthquake. He was broken but continued travelling.

As according to him he had nothing left back. He stressed the need of immigration as a matter of life and death. Thus he has no option to go back. He ended speaking and cried over his sorrow saying that Haiti is like hail for him. 

Resignation Of US Special Envoy For Haiti

Last week, a senior diplomat Daniel Foote resigned from his government position. He stated in his resignation letter that Haiti was a “collapsed state”. It can not afford the forced infusion of migrants with such a large number.

He added that returning these migrants who had been already lack in food, shelter and money would be such an “inhuman act”. He stressed they need to consider immigration policies by the U.S government and Newly appointed President Joe Biden. 

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