Happy Independence Day In the USA!

4th July 1776 is the independence day of the USA. Around 245 years ago 13 colonies claimed independence from Britain. That event was the reason for America’s birth. And For that reason, Americans celebrate independence day. What is the meaning of independence in America’s view?

Meaning Of Independence

Is independence a sort of freedom of speech? Or the right to hold guns? Or the right to worship wherever you want? 

Basically, independence is the right to self-determination. It’s the liberty of how to live. It’s your right to make decisions in favor of yourselves. And not merely forced to fulfill corporate interests. 

Medical Independence day in the USA

And in this broad spectrum of independence, the right of choosing medical alternatives also includes. Is it liberty that the government bound you about what to eat and what not? would it be liberty that the majority is forced to do limited physical exercise? Can you call it liberty that it becomes mandatory for you to sleep on ordered timings? What would happen with freedom if the government forcefully endorsed massive vaccination campaigns to every citizen?

I don’t think Americans are lawfully bound to follow the government’s each and every order regarding anything. How much the government has authority must be redefined. 

Words Of Doctor Benjamin Rush

Doctor Benjamin Rush once said. That government has no right to interfere in citizens’ health-related choices. Until medical freedom is not included in the constitution. There will always be a threat of medical dictatorship. Democratic constitution must ensure medical as well as religious freedom.

Whether you agree with vaccinations, thermography, or not. One thing is firm. There must not be forceful medical interventions. American citizens must have the right of consent before specific vaccinations. 

To Sum Up

But huge corporate sectors have a deep influence on Americans’ political setup. Corrupt and greedy politicians make decisions in favor of corporate interests. And they are in power just to restrain you from your basic independence.

Is it not the time for you to snap your rights?

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