Hell-like conditions in Ethiopia Tigray war.

It has been estimated that the northern Tigray-Ethiopian region now faces famine conditions amidst the deadly conflict, even though the Ethiopian Prime Minister says “no hunger.” After last year’s war, Ethiopia almost annihilated Tigrayan armies, but the conditions became more unstable, and the guerrilla war was continued. In mid-June, the attacks started once again, resulting in frequent airstrikes in the town of Tigray. One horrifying incident showed up in a village in Tigray, called Togoga when the military airplanes bombarded the running caf√© resulting in 7 deaths and 30 fatal injuries. In addition, people were burned severely and were struck by the debris. One of the workers described the situation to the Associated Press on the phone, like “Everything was covered in black smoke, it was like hell,” This happened on 27th June and was recorded as the deadliest attack till now.

After a violent armed war between EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front) or Prosperity Party as now, and TPLF (Tigrayan’s People Liberation Front), in November and December, it was declared by Ethiopia that Operation Tigray has completed, which stopped the war. But as a counter result, a civil war got initiated between the two countries. As a result, the refugees from Tigray took shelter in neighbouring countries like Sudan.

Once again, the issue has heated up, and armed war has taken its place. Due to this, the conditions of famine have increased to a greater extent. Peoples are starving to death, and still, the actual number is not known as the active war conditions, and access restrictions keep aid workers from reaching all parts of the region.

Several died in the airstrikes and people are angry with the military as they blocked the hospitals and the medical help for the injured. The anger is bursting out in the public day by day. However, since the Ethiopian government blacked out the communications of Tigray from the outer world after the last year’s war, it is very difficult to potray an actual image of the conditions in the northern Tigrayan region.

Reports and petitions are continuously being filed to the U.N., and now it’s time for U.N. to intervene in the matter, or consequences would be devastating.

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