High-tech Japan is ranked the lowest in cyber-power

High-tech Japan ranks the lowest in cyber-power, despite getting recognized as a ruler and pioneer of information and communications technologies for decades.

Japan’s abilities in cyberspace stand among the lowest as compared to countries of the same size.

Britain’s International Institute for Strategic Studies has ranked Japan on the lowest Tier 3 rank in its recent research of 15 countries’ cyber power.

The United States was the sole Tier 1 country, while the Tier 2 nations included; Australia, Britain, China, France, and Russia.

China is a second-tier cyber strength. But, provided its thriving industrial footing in digital technology, it got the best place.

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The institute evaluated the 15 countries’ cyber power in seven categories including; strategy and doctrine, global leadership in cyberspace affairs, and offensive cyber ability.

The report said, “Japan’s defenses in cyberspace are not particularly robust. With many corporations reluctant to meet the costs of bolstering them.”

High-tech Japan is also a partner of the Five Eyes states, but less competent in the security proportion of cyberspace, despite its intimidating economic power.

The High-tech Japan lacks cybersecurity

Japan still does not have an official military strategy or an official military law about cyberspace.

Though, it has made subtle organizational modifications in its armed forces, including the creation of some committed cyber units.

Last year, the Japanese government was investigating a massive breach of national security. Prototype plans for hypersonic missiles got stolen from Mitsubishi electric.

The firm was bidding for the next generation of military tech. Sensitive employee data was also stolen from the servers of the industrial giants.

The British-led research accuses Article 21 of the Japanese constitution as the main reason for the country’s restricted cyberintelligence collecting powers.

Article 21 of Japan’s constitution restricts the extent to which the government can accumulate signals intelligence and conduct cyber reconnaissance.

During a news conference, Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Katsunobu Kato addressed the IISS report:

“We’ll utilize it as a reference in the work towards formulating the next cybersecurity strategy.”

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