Hike in South Africa cases by 26,000 new Covid-19 cases

Delta variant emerged from India has made a record surge in Covid-19 cases in the third wave of South Africa.

And South Africa has hit the mark of two million people diagnosed with Covid-19.

On Saturday, Africa has broken a record with 26,000 new cases of the coronavirus disease in only 24 hours.

And Africa’s most industrialized nation has registered a record-breaking poll in the third wave of Covid-19 consecutively the second time.

South Africa’s health services have stretched to breaking point due to the sudden surge in infection.

Hospitals are out of beds and medics, and the government is forced to impose lockdown restrictions.

By surpassing the infection mark of 2 million, more than 61,500 people have also died. And approx 5% of the population, which is only 3.3 million people, has only got the vaccination.

But the good news is that since the start of the outbreak, more than 1.7 million people have recovered from Covid-19 in South Africa.

Bad luck and bureaucratic failures are the factors of the low vaccination rate in South Africa.

Earlier this year, the government had destroyed the 2 million toxic doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. However, the government is efforting its best to replace them has run up against global supply bottlenecks.

The president also criticized the global “vaccine apartheid”

South Africa also approved the Chinese Vaccine Sinovac against Covid-19.

The delta variant is the reason for the surge of infection. And according to estimation, the current resurgence could be worse than the second wave.

And estimation reveals that the peak of the third wave would surpass that of the second wave in January.

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