History Of Rome: Culture, Civilization and Facts

History of Rome is embedded with several amazing facts and figures. It possesses values of culture, civilisations and other facts as well. 

Romans are considered one of the most powerful nations in History. With the passage of a long time, Rome grew from a small town on the River Tiber in Italy and then to a vast Empire. 

History Of Rome

Rome in ancient times was known to be the ancient Rome in 753 BC. Ancient Rome began as a small town on the River Tiber. Following certain events, ancient Rome became the Republic of Rome in 509 BC.

Finally the most successful Roman Empire begun in 27 BC. The first Emperor of the Roman Empire was Caesar Augustus. He won a civil war after 40 years of struggle. Then afterwards he was the one who transformed the Republic of Rome into the vast Roman Empire. 

After the death of Augustus, his successors had run the Empire for more than 200 years. Then afterwards, Rome gradually split into Eastern and Western halves. From which Germanic tribes invaded western half of the Empire. Although Eastern half of the Roman Empire continued for many centuries.

Rule Of Roman Empire

The Roman Empire had ultimately embraced all of the continental Europe, from west of the Rhine and South of the Danube. central regions of England, northern Africa and to the islands of the Mediterranean. 

Roman Culture And Civilisation

In the beginning of the Roman Empire, the conquerors used to rule in social and political systems. All those people and allies who adopted Roman culture were granted Roman citizenship. 


There was a multicultural environment in the Roman Empire. So, the Romans derived their cultural values from higher civilisations of Etruscans and ancient Greeks. 


Romans acquired their language from Latin. Although there was a geographic distribution of the Romance languages. These included Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian.

Tradition of Slavery:

Eventually, the ancient Rome had a tradition of slavery. Romans took the defeated people from the battlefield and made them slaves. However Roman slaves were different from American slaves. 

Unlike American slaves, the Romans slaves could be highly skilled. They weren’t given for the purpose of labor but for other clerical or tutoring purposes. Most of them were resented due to their skills but some revolted. 

Military Of Rome: 

Romans achieved success through their great military. The military works include governing Roman society. They had taken skills and trainings with modern military techniques.

The Roman infantry used the trend of Greek Phalanx. Soldiers in front used to take a wall shield for the protection of the whole military. Hence, they used to  hold those shields to access the enemy for strong attack.

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Facts About Roman Empire 

The Roman Empire is full of historical events and facts. Some of them include:

  • The Roman Empire entered its greatest era in the reign of Trajan in 117 AD.
  • Romans built a huge Empire through its strong army. The Roman army could march upto 40km in a day.
  • Romans were great builders and architects. They discovered various construction techniques. One of them was the introduction of great columnar structures.
  • Romans constructed aqueducts for the proper supply of water to their cities. 
  • These were Romans who first built channels and bridges. The various construction techniques that we take for reference.
  • The Romans were also fond of food. They used to enjoy rich foods. Furthermore, most of them use spoon but they don’t use fork or knife
  • There were different gods in Rome. People do believe in gods and goddesses. Neptune was the god of the ocean. Additionally, they built temples for praying to gods. 
  • Romans used urine as a mouthwash for keeping their teeth white. 
  • They take the blood of gladiators as one of their medicines.

Great Contributions Of Roman Era

Most of the Roman people were great architects, scientists, painters and sculptors too. Some of their great contributions includes:

  • Romans discovered concrete and built concrete structures.
  • The Vatican Museum which is the oldest and largest museum complex in the world.
  • Pantheon, a great columnar building of Ancient Rome. Emperor Hadrian built this building.
  • Baroque art complex, which is one of the famous tourist destinations.
  • Temple of Fortuna and many more.
Q: Name the Roman Emperor, Who used to take baths with Gold and Pearls?

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