How Democratic Russia is in the Regime of Putin?

For any democratic country, there are some symbols of liberty. Like freedom of speech, free opposition, free media, and the right to dissent. There is a deep debate on the issue of popularity leaders’ political strategies. Strong leaders like Putin, Modi, Erdogan, etc are making laws that give them enough grip to maintain their power status quo. 

Laws Are Endorsed In Populists Democracies To Crush Dissent

Trends in recent democracies are constituting such laws that become tools to crush the right to dissent. Deep state elements want to make their countries surveillance states. we will analyze here some conditions of symbols of democracies in today’s article with the Russian case study. 

Conditions Of Media In Putin’s Regime

Putin grabbed power in 2000 onwards. With the passage of time, he managed to control all media voices. Nowadays three biggest Russian TV channels are state-controlled. Russia’s top two news agencies including TASS are practically state mouthpieces.

State-owned gas company succeeded in closing broadcasting of the country’s largest dissent voice NTV in 2001. With a lot of grip on the media, Putin presents himself as a macho man. State media maintains his martial arts, animal loves, hobbies, and likewise pictures to the masses.

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Draconian Laws Of Putin

Putin passed a law in 2012 that restricted peaceful assembly. After two years that law became more strict. Russians have to get permission for protest from those to whom they intended to protest. The Government will decide when and where and to whom to give permits of protests. So that they can easily trace them. 

Dissent and opposition are an integral part of democracy. There is no room for draconian laws in an ideal democracy. Those laws just vanish freedom of speech and the right to protest. The Putin government is making laws to silence criticism. This means he is trying to impose dictatorship lawfully. 

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