How to boost your mobile phones

Mobile phones are an essential part of our lives that starts lagging once we use them beyond limits.

With the prevailing situation when everyone is working from home it is hard to limit the phone’s usage and it is also not easy for everyone to buy a new smartphone.

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Here are 5 ways to boost your mobile phones performance to optimum:

boost mobile phones

Remove unused apps from your mobile phones:

You might have installed some applications that you don’t use anymore. They take up a lot of space on your phone. To fix this just give your device a clean sweep and look for unwanted apps and delete them. You are good to go!

Clear caches:

Every task you perform, leaves a cache. This will buildup in the RAM and takes up space.

Clearing the junk can help can reclaim the speed. Tasks you perform leaves a cache behind so they can open faster. But, it takes up space for the other bunch of tasks.

To clear the cache, go to settings and clear all caches.

Disable animations:

Animations might look pleasing to the eyes but it requires a lot of resources to make user Interface look beautiful.

Turning off these animations, makes space and save processing power.

Enable data saving mode:

Enabling the ‘Data Saver option in the Chrome browser will also assist you to surf without pausing much as it compresses the page, using limited data and loading pages quicker.

Clean the home screen:

Cleaning up the home screen will ease your thoughts. Keeping a live wallpaper with widgets for climate, news, and other such frequently updating apps may result in la as all of them get refreshed as soon as you unlock your smartphone. The same is the case with keeping multiple windows on the home screen.

If nothing works, factory reset is your last resort. Make sure you backup everything before doing a factory reset.


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