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How To Build A Brick Planter Box In The Garden?

Lets learn about how to build a brick planter box in the garden?. Here you will learn to make you successful in your dream of building an embellishing Garden. Because, you will be providing the most important information about Building a Brick Planter 

Box In the 11 Easy Steps Guide. 

1# Step: Know Your Checklist Before Starting

That will give you pretty much ease to achieve your goal.

Checklist Of Tools For Building Brick Planter Box

1.    Shovel

It’s a tool that is needed for digging as well as moving building materials.

2.    Concrete Mixture Machine

You can mix your cement with a small Concrete Mixture Machine. 

3.    Bricks

They are used for making walls and other components in construction. 

4.    Cement Bags

It is a binding chemical for concrete materials. You need to have one or two Cement Bags for Building a Brick Planter Box. 

5.    Other Tools

Other tools you would need in Building a Brick Planter Box in Your Garden are; rope, water, iron rods, trail, concrete crapper, etc.

2# Step: Level Your Garden Bed

How To Build A Brick Planter Box In The Garden?

Accordingly, for any building, you need to have level foundations. You need to have smooth support from earth. And, for that purpose, you need to measure your Garden area. Then, you need to dig and clean it with a shovel if there are some weeds. In the end, you should look for Leveling it before starting other steps. 

3# Step: Dip Iron Rods To Mark Brick Planter Box Area

You need to decide how much and which area is suited for holding the framework of your bricks. Then again Mark that Area and Dip Iron Rods there. 

4# Step: Placing Bricks According To String Line

How To Build A Brick Planter Box In The Garden?

For a practical reason for stable Brick lines, you need to make a String Line. For that purpose, you need to have some pieces of rope. Then, you need to tie that rope with already dipped Iron Rods. 

After doing this initial task you need to place Bricks on the Garden bed according to your marked String Lines. It will give you a proper structure for your Brick Planter Box. 

5# Step: Make Cement Mixture And Put It On The Bricks

Bricks needed to be Cemented. You need to make a Cement Mixture in the concrete Mixture Machine. So in the case of Building a Brick Planter Box, you don’t need to pour more water into the Cement. 

6# Step: Check Cement Mixture With Trail

Cement is considered a very important component. You need to see whether or not it’s slippery on the Trail. If it doesn’t slip then it’s ok otherwise repeat the process of proportioning limited water. 

7# Step: Have Cement On The Bricks

Now it’s time to have Cement on the Bricks. First, you need to place Cement underneath the Bricks. Now place Cement in the joining points. Keep every Brick fully Cemented from corners. Then, have some pressure on Bricks while doing this exercise. Simultaneously, check the Bricks’ laying is straight. 

8# Step: Make Some Lines Of Bricks In Height

Now, you need to make some more Lines of Bricks upward. You can change the pattern of placement of Bricks if you wish for better design. But, be careful about the leveling of Bricks is stable straight away and Cement placements. 

9# Step: Putting Concrete Crappers

Once you have made a predefined wall for a Brick Planter Box, you need to put Concrete Crappers on that wall. Because, it will give you the finishing touch in Building a Brick Planter Box. Again, put a deserving amount of Cement for that purpose. Also, you can paint them as well. Which will make them waterproof or water-resistant to some extent. 

10: Step: Clean Extra Cement

Sometimes, you may have used a lot of Extra Cement. That needs to be removed or clear. So you should clean it either with a rough cloth or some sponge-type material. 

11# Step: Plant the Flowers

The final work is Planting your desired Flowers on that Brick Planter Box In Your Garden. Flowers that look beautiful and smell awesome are to be grown there. 

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