How to download songs from Google chrome?

The demand for songs has risen these days. There may be a few people who might not be having interest. Music is a language of emotion that it can show different feeling and barge into the soul with no boundaries. There are many such things in music to which one can listen and bring attention. It can also raise someone’s mood, get them excited, make them calm.

Nowadays, there are many platforms build for listening to music like Spotify, Gaana App, wynk Music app, Russo etc. But we can see the demerits of such applications. They are of large MB which creates memory problem and also there are a lot of songs that aren’t available on these apps. They can also create viruses in your gadgets.

Online music stores offer music in lossless in which no metadata can generally be set. Another problem you face is, some sites want you to register before you can download the song. But there is a very easy way to download songs from google chrome without loading these song apps.

So here are steps to coat the songs:

So the first thing you are required to do is, Download YouTube.

STEP 2 –
Select the song, For instance – Believer by Imagine Dragons

STEP 3 –
Copy the link to the song selected in the above step.

STEP 4 –
Open Chrome and refresh it.

STEP 5 –
After step 4, go to the search box and click on it.

STEP 6 –
On the box, type this website –

STEP 7 –
A page will open in black color. There you will find a box.

STEP 8 –
Long press on the box.

STEP 9 –
Paste the link which you have copied in step3.

STEP 10 –
You will see the download button on right side. Click on it.

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  1. Good information and very well written. It is amazingly to see such websites that are providing helpful information. Thank you πŸ™

  2. I always download the songs from Google chrome and also we can download lots of videos of YouTube through Google chrome. I feel satisfied whenever I use google chrome for downloading songs.

    Thank you Ishita for sharing the information with us.
    Great work.

  3. Correct information given by Ms. Ishita Verma. I followed the steps given above and successfully downloaded the songs which i want to. Thank you so much for helping me out. I belive that your futher articles and this one too will help each and every individual. Keep Posting.

  4. Really informative πŸ₯‚ it helped a lot . want more tricks like this πŸ™‚ ❀ ishita it is very innovative and informative i recently saw this website and it is very illuminating. I used to run after these apps but now i have found a very easy way to listen to my fav songss great goin . ❀✌


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