How to make google assistant your guide?

How to make google assistant help you throughout your day? Be it daily chores, work or meetings.

The assistant that speaks to people through their devices can change the way people think about computing. Easy day-to-day tasks can be taken up by AI without any time.

How to make them work? Here are 10 ways that google assistant can help you to ease your life.

Utilize Your Favorite Apps by Voice:

You can ask Google Assistant to open your installed apps and request them to perform specific tasks. The assistance works with a significant number of the most well-known application.

Read any piece aloud:

When you track down an intriguing article on the web through the Chrome program, request that Google read it so anyone might hear for you. 

Google Assistant will start reading the article and the browser will automatically scroll down the screen, highlighting the spoken words.

Don’t Wait on Hold Again:

Waiting on hold for customer support is always frustrating. However, Google Assistant can help limit the bother by hanging tight for you until a customer service delegate is prepared to talk.

Now when you place a call to a toll-free support line, Google Assistant will offer to hold the call for you. At the point when a rep goes ahead of the line, your telephone will emit a chime and vibrate to alert you.

Let Google Screen Your Calls:

You presumably get a ton of spam calls as of now, so why not let Google Assistant handle them? On the off chance that you get a call from an obscure number or from somebody you would prefer not to converse with, tap the Screen Call button that shows up on the screen. Google Assistant will answer the call and give a live record of the discussion. Bounce in whenever or hang up.

Book a Restaurant Reservation:

You can enroll the guide of Google Assistant to reserve a spot at your #1 eatery. Say “Hello Google, book a table at [restaurant name]” or “Make me a reservation at [restaurant name].” When incited, give more details, like the number of individuals, the date, and the time you need to feast. Follow the means to book the reservation and tap Confirm to send it.

Add Bi-Lingual Languages:

Family members in bilingual homes often have to switch back and forth between languages when using smart assistance on their phone. Google Assistant allows you to communicate in two dialects conversely if you say “Hello Google, change language settings for Assistant.”

Control Phone Settings:

Utilizing your voice, you can undoubtedly control a significant number of the critical settings for your telephone. Say “Hello Google, turn on flight mode,” “Hello Google, turn on don’t disturb,” or “Hello Google, turn on the light.”

Find Your Phone:

Not certain where you left your telephone? Say “Hello Google, discover my telephone” from another gadget or from a Google Assistant-empowered savvy speaker associated with your record. Simply listen up for the ringing to find your telephone.

Use Google Assistant at the Lock Screen:

Talk to Google Assistant even when your Android phone is locked. You can ask for the weather forecast, set a reminder, or get directions without having to unlock the screen.

Manage Your Data and Review Your Settings:

You can handle and survey your information and movement by conversing with Google Assistant. To erase information gathered from your discussions with Google Assistant, say “Hello Google, erase the last thing I said to you” or “Hello Google, erase all that I said to you last week.”

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