How to make phone battery last longer? 11 tips

Do you know how to care you phone battery? As mobiles are become our daily need it need to take care of battery health. Today’s tips and tricks we are going to share 11 tips and many things that you have to know.

In today’s world when we go to buy phones the first thing we see is battery health! You use your phone every time so it is important for your phone to have good battery health. The older your phone gets, the more your battery lasts for only some time

About phone’s Battery

Mobile phones use lithiium- ion batteries to store energy. Just like human beings, smartphones also want to rest yet who does not want a phone with a good battery percentage. But if they keep on working. It will become low and in the same way, it needs to refill the juice which means you need to charge your battery to make it work more. 

In this type of battery, lithium metal and lithium ions move out and move in and of individual electrodes, which causes them to physically expand and contract. Sadly, these processes are not completely unsettled. The batteries lose their charging capacity and voltage as the number of charges and discharge cycles grow.

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how to keep your phone battery last longer?

Here are some of the tips to make your phone’s battery lasts longer than you think:


Slow charging increases the battery’s health. 


Do not use the third-party aftermarket chargers always use the Original charger. It should be the original cable and original charger.


Neither use a more hot temperarge your phones nor use a more cold temperature as it affects your battery life. Like you should stay moderate.


Black colors shut off the LED’S so always use dark theme background for your phones. Display charges more battery so always use dark displays.


Always stay on auto when it comes to your brightness like if you are going out in sun then you should increase the brightness and if you are at a dark place so always decrease your brightness. It affects the battery life.


Always wait for some time before you update never ever update your phone immediately when the software updates come.


Never use Facebook when the battery low because it decreases your battery quickly always check the battery percentages of all the apps running on your phone and uninstall those apps which take more battery percentage. 


Always stay between 10-15 seconds of your screen timeout because if you enable it for more seconds then it will automatically decrease your battery life.


Always use battery saver mode on your phones as it shuts down GPS and etc.


Do not install battery-saving apps on your phone 


If it’s been years since you bought your phone and it only possesses 4 to 5 hours battery then replace your battery with a new battery.

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What else to do To keep phone battery healthy?


Whenever you use your phone don’t forget to turn off background apps as it affects the battery charge capacity. Apps that are running in the background make your battery get low every time. 


Be aware of your phone’s apps which use to track your location as it decreases the battery percentage. So always try to shut them off to save your battery health.


When not in use, please don’t enable your wifi as it can be an important reason why your phone’s battery becomes low earlier. 


Airplane mode is not only for when you travel in an airplane but it can be a way of saving battery on your phone. The bad thing about is that you cant be able to receive calls and messages but you can save the battery for the time when you need it the most.


It is good when you get notified about someone tag you in a post or you get a mention on Twitter but when you keep getting all the notifications so it becomes a reason why your battery dies quickly. Try to reduce push notifications. 

last word

Always try to use your phone for a limited time as technology has taken over our lives. If you follow these simple steps you can make your battery last longer than you think. Try them and have a good day you all!! 

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