How To Make Your Food Last Longer

Some food items already have a longer shelf life. But this would not be limited up to such particular food items. Foods are likely to be stored and processed for longer use. Unfortunately, we are wasting a lot of food by wrong storage practices. Here we have some useful tips to store food items like milk, meat, veggies, and many more products and make your food last longer. 

Proper Functioning of Refrigerator to make your food last longer

Make sure your refrigerator is working properly. Foods such as meat, milk, and some vegetables require certain temperatures to be stored. According to the Foods and Drugs Administration, the fridge should be at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less. The freezer should be at 0 degrees or less. Use a thermometer to check the required temperature. This makes your food healthy and safe for longer. 

Wash Products Just Before You Store It

All the products you bring at home require a proper wash. This will remove dirt and bacteria. Foods like meat, fruits, and vegetables need a proper wash and clean before freezing. After washing a certain amount of moisture is added to the products. It is preferable to make them dry and then store them. 

There are different techniques to make your food last longer some of them are to be shared below:

  1. Milk should be placed at the back of the fridge 

The fridge has different portions. Most of the people used to place milk bottles on the fridge’s door. This is one of the wrong practices. Milk should be kept at the back or deep inside the fridge.  This will get the milk to a proper freezing temperature. Milk may be frozen in the freezer. Defrosting also has to be done in the fridge overnight to make use of it. This will keep it safe and fresh. 

  1. Meat has to be Stored in the bottom Shelf of the Fridge

 Meat should be kept on the bottom shelf. This is the coolest zone in the fridge. Meat remains fresh for longer use. Moreover, meat couldn’t touch other products by keeping it on the bottom shelf. For longer storage purposes, meat has to be kept in the freezer. This will store it for up to a month.

  1. Store Vegetables in the Crisper Drawer

 The crisper drawer is a part of the fridge where you used to thrive the vegetables. This will keep them fresh for longer. You may keep your cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, radishes, and more in the Crisper drawer. This part of the fridge needs to be regularly cleaned and dried.

Other Preserving techniques for food

 Besides freezing and cooling, there are some other tips to make food preserved for longer. Some of them are to be shared below:

Store cookies with a piece of bread

Cookies are to be kept in jars and packets when brought home. This will surely look good but not for a longer time. Cookies could be stored in a zip-top plastic bag by putting a piece of bread in it. Cookies will take moisture from the bread. This will keep the cookies fresh and tasty for longer.

Wrap the tops of banana with plastic sheets

Bananas are more frequently ripped in a few days once you get them cut from the bunch. This is due to the release of ethylene gas. For this, you should wrap plastic tightly around the crown of the bunch. This will make it fresh for some more days. 

Keep Grapes on the Stem

People are often used to plucking the grapes off the stem. This will make easy snacking but the remaining grapes could rot quicker if not eaten immediately. Grapes must be kept in their bunches to be stocked for longer.

Place tomatoes on the counter

Tomatoes are actually one of those products which should not be frozen. You may be convinced to keep them in the fridge but this will be a big mistake. Tomatoes should be kept at room temperature. For this, they should be kept on the kitchen counter or any table. 

Food preservation is a sensible activity. Rotten foods are unhealthy for you but wastage of food would be unhealthy for your wallet and environment too. 

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