How to overcome loneliness in the COVID-19 pandemic?

What is loneliness?
Loneliness is is a feeling that changes the the state of mind from happy in being sad and from accompanied in being alone. It is a universal human emotion that is complex and unique as well. No one is a stranger to feeling lonely. It can be for a moment or for a period of time, every human experience it. It is that feeling which we can even feel when people are surrounded. It make us feel empty ,alone and unwanted.

Loneliness can be attributed to an internal factor such as low self-esteem. People who lack confidence are the easiest approach to be into it. This also changes our social behavior. it can also cause mental problems such as depression, anxiety, emotional disorders, addiction to drugs, and interrupt sleep. This had also increased the risk of suicidal attempts. Another cause of being isolated is a lack of love and care.

The effects of the 2020 pandemic have impacted the global population in every way. Loneliness is yet another symptom that many of us are dealing with during lockdown. There are many people who have to live without their loved ones, friends, partners, or parents.

How to get the better of this isolated condition?

1 – NATURE :
Rather being alone , you must be friends with the beautiful creature of lord ,that is nature. This is first and best way to get rid of it. You can perform activities such as gardening, clicking pictures of nature. You must keep on spending time. Mixing up with outside can really boost your pleasure.

Yoga is known for relieve loneliness, stress and anxiety. It is a layered, multifaceted practice that connects the mind and body to give us countless breath. It trains our nervous system to be Intune with every part of ourselves. B K S Lyengar has been quoted ” yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you constantly trying to fit broken pieces together “

Loneliness leads to lack of communication. To retract, build up your communicative skills. Make yourself involving society talk. Start making friends, get involved in some society debates on current topics with your mates.

yes I am talking about mobile phones which is worldwide. This is a platform which provides you unlimited options, to get rid of it such as games, entertainment, books, communication, education, event, lifestyle, music and etc. It also provides you some chatting applications, from there you can start getting in touch with people.

5 – PETS :
Hugging or touching a loving animal can calm and soothe you from stress on loneliness. Pets provide us the feeling of being loyal, consistent and also make us feel loved by them. Once they get close to you they will start taking care of you. They will also show their attachment happiness and love in their own manner, which will provide you the surety that someone really wants you.

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